Touch of Evil

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I think that if we look at this film and ask ourselves, how does it construct Mexico? we can draw a number of conclusions. However, I think that since most movies from now on do not represent Mexico as it is, it is more interesting to look at why they chose to do what they did in the movie. I think the character of Quinlan is very interesting because it had an effect on what the people thought of the police. For his whole career as a police man he had planted false evidence so that the cases would be closed. The whole intent for this I think is so that fear disappears from the people and society lives peacefully. He does not work alone however, he has his crew that helps him. When Vargas sees this he becomes really annoyed by this. They have a conflict on what a cop is supposed to do and how they are supposed to do it. Here we see two stories that in their own country are seen as one of the best if not the best on their job, but each with a different way of taking care of things. From the eyes of foreigners, this says that Mexicans don’t really follow rules and Americans do. I’m not saying that they are saying this is for everything but probably for some issues or identities like the police for example. Another interesting point in this movie was that Vargas’ wife seemed to be a little racist towards the Mexicans. She called Pancho a guy that she had never met before just because it was a very Mexican name but really had no other intention than probably mock him. She didn’t seemed scared either when she was taken because “they had something for her husband”. But that can be attributed to her strong character.


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