Los Three Amigos

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I think this is going to be one of the harder blogs to write, considering I can’t really take much of this movie seriously.
Seeing movies like this with Steve Martin in them make me really sad because he has the ability to be a very funny, talented man, but he’s in so many bad movies (ie Father of the Bride, Father of the Bride II, Young at Heart, LA Story, the list is endless). Chevy Chase is generally in this sort of mishugas slapstick comedy, so this wasn’t much of a deviation from the norm for him. Steve Martin, on the other hand, was once a very funny young white-haired man who did great gags on Saturday Night Live, and was in the only movie I’ve ever liked him in, “Parenthood.”
The point being, seeing him in such a stupid movie was, as it usually is, difficult for me to watch. I don’t like raining on others’ parades, but this movie was really stupid. Aside from maybe one or two gags, I just wasn’t into the humor at all. Granted I don’t find slapstick that funny usually (aside from Woody Allen slapstick movies), I still had a really hard time sitting through this. I expect I was probably the only kid in the class with this issue.
It’s hard to say too much about this film as any sort of Mexican commentary, as Jon called this a self-reflective “meta-film,” so I’m not sure what I can say that won’t just go back to the argument that it was meant to be stereotypical and stupid, a spoof of all those old westerns. If the plot line weren’t so ridiculous and the whole script didn’t wreak of trying to be funny, maybe I would’ve enjoyed it as it is more.


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