Three Amigos

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Three Amigos provides a satire of the portrayal of Mexico in cinema. Beyond all the gaffes and seemingly silly acts in this movie, a lot of insight can be gained. This movie was definitely an extreme parody, everything was overdone, overblown and overkill. I’ll bet it’d be pretty hard to find a town in Mexico where everyone drinks their own entire bottle of tequila (hmm maybe we should try to find it..). There’s also the oversized hats of the three amigos, the 6 shooter guns who can shoot a million bullets, the giant piñatas, the handful of sand in the water gourd, the extremely strong accent with which the Mexicans spoke, and the list goes on. But that’s exactly the point of this movie: it parodies those very ste***types in movies which attempt to portay a “real” Mexico.
I was taken aback during the first acts of violence in the bar with the German. The movie seemed to be very lighthearted until that point, and I found myself not expecting the high level of violence. However, I guess I’m kind of naïve in expecting that, since it is after all a western style movie. The light heartedness helps along with that parody though, making some violent scenes funny and ridiculous.
Maybe I’m stretching this too far, especially since its the movie is meant to be a spoof. But it’s definitely interesting to see how the three American gringos are praised and relied on by the peasants. The Mexicans have a problem in their village and their course of action is to seek help from Americans, not from within their country. I guess the girl and young boy go to the neighbouring town and get laughed at… but it’s kind of a pathetic attempt. However, it does go along with the lawlessness that is typically associated with the western genre.
I guess I can say I enjoyed the movie… but even though it’s meant to be cheesy, I found it way too cheesy.


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