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In response to Hudson404: It was interesting how the women were portrayed in vast contrast with those women in previous movies we have watched. I think this, in fact humanized the villians because El Guapo talks about his emotions and his inability to talk to Carmen. Even though he is told he can just “have her” he rebukes it is different with women! In addition, another woman makes him a sweater for his birthday and so, I suppose the comedy found it this, is that the villians are just like the Three Amigos, or at least no different.
In response to Mario: I am not sure if this film did do anything to deflect the “stereotypes” it played off of. I think it only emphasized these roles in order to call attention to them, but besides that, the film, overall was no different than other films we have watched. The Americans – Hollywood gang- ended up saving the day. Like Vargas, who is supposed to be playing the role as a “Mexican,” he too, in reality is an American and ends up saving the day.


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