Three Amigos

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I thought this movie was really funny. It was very interesting how they made fun of all of the aspects that are normally present in western movies. Everything was exaggerated and people seemed to see things that were completely out of place as normal. This form of mockery was present for the Mexicans as well as for the Americans. Although the only western movie Ive seen is The Wild Bunch, it made fun of every single detail. At the same time, it followed the same structure that a western movie has, or at least the same as in the Wild Bunch. The same elements were present as well as the same characters. It seems that Western movies have stock characters, where the plot is on of the only things that is changed. I found it peculiar to see so many hens in the movie. They were everywhere, even inside a pot which someone shoots. Hence, they also make fun of the Mexican culture represented in this kind of movies. It is funny because since people know that this is not the way that Mexico really is, it is making it even more obvious that the representation is not as portrayed. The role of women has always been a topic of discussion for the previous movies. Here women also play a significant role. The Three Amigos decide to go back to fight El Guapo because he had the girl. However, the amigos, apart from one actually desired them. When one of them was asked if he wanted to kiss her, he replies, NOW? So they dont really have a contact with them since they relate all of their lives to the movies they have made. However, this part is probably not important compared to the fact that El Guapo saw the lady he took from the village as an object too. He said that if she didnt have sex with him on his birthday he would kill her. The way his friend talks about women is similar, since he says that men should just take the girls by force when he was talking to El Guapo. Certainly women are depicted as an object in the eyes of the Mexicans, while the american dont really have any experience with them.


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