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In response to Alyssa: I also saw the bias the cinematography emphasized, as it showed Mexico as dirty and dingy, while California was saturated in color and seemed bright, crisp and romanticized. I also commented in my blog about the daughter’s friend because I think what he had to say was really honest. It seems that the people that are caught in the cross-fire of drug-use or drug selling are those that come from poorer backgrounds. Therefore to sell drugs seems like a good idea, especially if you have a huge demand for those drugs. All in all, I think the film is trying to make the point that anyone is liable to becoming involved.
In response to Elena: Obviously this film is biased and is taking the American’s point of view. Therefore, the point you make about the lack of organization the American police and DEA had in dealing with drugs and the chaotic nature of their “bust” is interesting. I did not even realize this until you mentioned it now. I think it is good to be perceptive about details such as these and not to become a passive spectator when watching Hollywood films that can act as vehicles for propaganda.


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