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This movie was a great one to watch. As well as other movies we have watched in class, it showed the take on an issue by the Mexican and American side. It was great that real life organizations were used to describe problems in society in relation to drugs. Important points about the drug control problem were made, like saying how catching an important person in drug traffic does not really solve any problem of drugs, since people are going to be able to obtain the drugs anyway. It just causes more problems regarding deaths and gangs. Also as someone said, the media and the people only want to see bloody headlines and news, not mattering whether the actual problem is solved in any scale. Many points which have been present for a long time were also touched, like the corruption and failure of the justice system. The border is a really complicated place to work with since no one really trusts the other side of the border, and if they do there is always some type of betrayal or many things are hidden. The female role is important here too. They are depicted as ambitious,and are while sometimes treated badly, they have a great influence on men. For example, the drug zhar’s wife gave his husband insight into how their daughter should be more important than his job. She made him realize that the greater problem is the one made to the families, and these are the ones who should take care of the problem because the government cannot really do anything to stop individual heavy consumption of drugs. Ayala’s wife was very ambitious and managed to find ways to keep things going instead of just falling into not having anything. Seems like women had an important role here, which also shows the this shift in society over the years as we see this film that is more recent. The depiction of Mexico I think was very accurate. I found it good that they showed the difference between different cities in Mexico, and not try to portray all of it the same way. I found really interesting the shot of the border where Americans could go into Mexico so easily, while the line of cars to go into thee states from Mexico was huge and so much security was present. The reasons for this is quite obvious however it was an interesting image to watch.


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