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A very powerful film and entirely different from last week’s Three Amigos to say the least.
It truly does expose so much of the futility inherent in the “War on Drugs”.
As long as there is demand, there will be supply, and as long as there is no control over drug through legalization then there will be extreme measure taken resulting in the death of loved ones. The border crossing was almost humorous in how ineffective it was at stopping the flow of drugs, and for good reason with massive amounts of traffic passing through every day. At points the film verged on documentary, and achieved a further sense of realism through the handheld camerawork. Furthermore, the amount of unending levels of corruption within police and military in Mexico was unbelievable yet scary in its depiction. It’s hard to believe that this film was even made considering how slanderous it is regarding the american political system and the groups of leaders who talk talk talk but are ineffectual at doing anything.
Soderbergh bathes the two stories in different colour palettes evoking a simplicity towards the issue but at the same time quite the opposite. The futility of those who are trying to serve justice and the pain they endure (Don Cheadle’s character for instance) reminded me of the maddening plight for justice in Touch of Evil.
It would be interesting to hear a Mexican reading of this film as it seems to place Mexico in a less concerned state regarding drug trafficking, unaffected by it and also given up to the reality that is the trade.


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