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I had never taken a film class before, and I think I learned a lot in this one. I was expecting the class to be completely in Spanish and to be about all of Latin America, not just Mexico. However, I still enjoyed the class, most movies, and the discussions that came from it. I particularly liked how we sat for discussions because it was more of a discussion than a lecture, which I think makes more people participate. I liked the fact that we were introduced to different genres of films, and from different time periods. It was a good experience to think more in depth about films and the impact each have, and what they are trying to say in more detail.
I thought that the American movies were going to show us the American perspective on Mexico, but if it did it only showed the Mexican border. I know that this is the strongest link with the americans that the mexicans had, but I thought it would be more interesting to see an american movie filmed predominately in Mexico City for example. The distinction between Americans and Mexicans in some films was not well done either because some mexicans spoke in english or had some sort of accent. My favorite movies I think were Three Amigos, El Callejon de los Milagros, Traffic, and Los Olvidados. Each was a very different type of movie but the characters defined very important issues and aspects of the mexican society.
After all, I enjoyed the class very much because of the discussions and the way we had to analyze the films.


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