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I’m just going to go through the movies we watched and what I thought was most notable of each of them.
Aguila o Sol: What I noticed most about this film was Mexico’s own satire of their people, seen most clearly in the act of Cantiflas and his friend. Also the conflict is resolved in the end by the assimilation of Cantiflas into a higher society, lending to a hierarchy of people, I think. We talked the most about the dream sequence and what purpose it served. From what I remember, it showed how Cantiflas was an outsider until money put him in a situation of acceptance.
Los Olvidados: This film played with the genre of documentary even though what we perceive as such is far different from what it was in the time that the film was made. The narration at the beginning is the biggest indication that it is a film to expose the situation in Mexico city, but it does this through a discourse throughout the film. To keep the audience aware that they are indeed watching an observation of life rather than part of the action as in other films in which the camera is invisible, this film makes the separation between observer and thing oberved clear in scenes such as the egg landing on the lens.

Have to go to class… will be continued….


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