Month: November 2013

Raspberry Pi

For the past few weeks here in the lab my fellow RAs, Travis White and Sabrina Schoch, and I have been waiting for computer parts we ordered to arrive from the US. Finally, after a long wait and just a

Dr. Dene Grigar Visits

Dene Grigar is professor at Washington State University in Vancouver, Washington. She, Hussein Keshani, and Lee Foote (director of the Devonian Botanical Garden at the University of Alberta) presented their “Evolving the Botanic Garden” project, as part of the Emerging

Shout Out: Maker Day

“Many kids don’t have garages or basements and have never had the opportunity to hold tools or operate equipment”, says Susan Crichton, director Innovative Learning Center, UBC Okanagan. “Maker Days in our classrooms are an opportunity to re-claim the human


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