The Spark Research Incubator in CCS 151 is flexible research space for FCCS faculty, research assistants, and short-term visiting scholars, with a special focus on innovative digital projects in creative fields and the liberal arts. It is equipped with work space designed according to worksafe BC guidelines. Currently, projects run by Hussein Keshani, Constance Crompton and Karis Shearer are being run out of the space. Past projects include Future Delta and The Lake. Policies for assigning research space are in development, but are guided by the desire to provide inclusive research space for creative and critical research projects in their early stages of development.


Wisdom Tettey and Neil Cadger provided funding and guidance for the CSS 151 renovation. Kaila Burke was responsible for the construction and was assisted by Joanne Gervais, Don Lyons, and Mike Berger. Briar Craig and Fern Helfand advised on print shop activities and helped prepare space. Melissa McHughes, Linda Falkingham Wendy Mohns oversaw the budget.