Formerly known as the CHBE Sustainability Club, Engineers for a Sustainable World (ESW) UBC is affiliated with ESW USA and the associated student chapters. ESW-UBC is the only non-US chapter of ESW.

Have you ever asked yourself what Sustainability is all about? What do we mean by a balance between Social, Economical and Environmental priorities? Do you understand that North American people live as if 4.6 planets Earth were available to support our lifestyle?

Well, you are not alone in the questioning. Our Club was initiated in 2006 by people just like you who pondered about these things. We are also seeking for answers and solutions to implement in our department of Chemical and Biological Engineering (CHBE) at the University of British Columbia. Hope you enjoy our web site, learn from it and choose to act!

Our Vision
A world of environmental, social, and economic prosperity created and sustained by local and global collective action.

To forge innovative, lasting solutions to local and global sustainability challenges.

  • Design and implement sustainable projects through our student and professional chapters.
  • Educate and train individuals and organizations on sustainable policies and practices.
  • Build a global network of communities with a shared culture of sustainability.

 Past Club Events

Sustainability Club Constitution

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