Past Club Events

Bike to Work Week
Twice a year CHBE enters a team on the VACC bike to work week website, where you can log your trips, track your miles and view other’s progress. Below is info on how to participate and to make you bike to work a little easier.

Join the team:
– follow “bike to work week” links
– Team name: Chemical and Biological Engineering

Movies Presented

Red Gold
Food Inc.
End of the Line
– The Selling of Suburbia
The 11th Hour
Escape From Subrbia
– Who Killed the Electrical Car

Past Seminars
Integrated System Approach to Sustainable Development, Bio-fuels, Bio-refineries and Overcoming the Main Bottlenecks 
The Future of Our Energy  (Lars Rose)
– Integrated System Approach to Sustainability and The Critical Role of Bio-Fuels and Bio-Refineries
(Said S.E.H. Elnashaie)
– Improved Environmental Governance in Aceh Province (EGAP) (Ian Hatton)
– Energy and Sustainability Speaker series

Large E-waste Collection
The club periodically collects large E-Waste items for safe disposal and landfill avoidance. Items collected since 2009 include:
– 47 desktop towers
– 31 computer components (boards, power supplies, …)
– 24 monitors
– 19 printer and fax machines
– 4 DVD players
– 2 TVs
– 2 laptops
– 1 microwave

Sustainable Research Showcase
The CHBE sustainability club hosted an open house to demonstrate the research being conducted in CHBE and CERC into environmentally beneficial processes and products. The open house included a talk about environmentally conscious research from a well known speaker (David Keith,U.ofC.) as well as talk from a member of the university community on sustainable practices on campus.
Guided tours of CHBE and CERC labs were also conducted highlighting various environmentally beneficial research with posters displayed in the atrium as well. Student/staff volunteers organized and ran the event.
Sustainable Research Showcase Promotion

Fuel cell car visit to CHBE
A fuel cell car – project of Natural Resources Canada and the Institute of Fuel Cells was demonstrated in front of CHBE building.

Energy Farm Visit
The UBC farm, since summer 2006, is cultivating energy crops. The project is in collaboration with the Post Carbon Institute, a group that is developing plans for the world’s future when oil won’t be cheap and easily available. The energy farm could bring many interesting projects for students who want to think outside the box and make a design of energy crops processing, using no or little outside amenities, such as water or electricity.




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