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Wow, Where have I been?

As I am sure you have allllll been wondering where in the h*ck I have been since my last post… (hey now you blog lovers… no need for blasphemy!) But IM OK! Really.. I am!

 I survived Exams.


I guess Im kind of saying that for my own sake. I really find it somewhat difficult to believe. I am now having to fight further for my marks though. There have been mistakes on 3 of my 5 final exams paper grades… That I can tell that is though there are few profs that like to admit that this happens.


Im not trying to poo poo on anyone here ’cause I know mistakes happen, Im just trying to utter/grunt/moan/screech a word or two of advice: Double Check the Marking.

If you aren’t already in the habit of doing this (if you aren’t, its your own fault for being at a B+ average rather than that A- your probably capable of) START NOW! Profs/TAs ARE NOT: going to rip your head off, having it out for you the rest of the term, glare at you from across the room for the rest of the day, make voodoo dolls of your bodys sticking needles into areas no needles should ever go, etc. No! They really don’t mind and you wanna know why?! ‘Cause they are smart people! In case you didn’t notice, some of them even have a few diplomas or PhD’s which means that they too know the secret which I have just disclosed:

Everyone Makes Mistakes.

Is there anything more surreal than exam time. I don’t think anyone accept our fellow students really knows just what I mean by that statement.

 1. The vibration in your hand after putting the pen to paper at furocious speeds for 2.51 hours straight!

2. The daze and delerium (loss of balance, inability to focus, nausea) of exiting the exam room caused by starring at black and white for an extended period of time.

3. The lack of ability to effectively communicate anything vocally to anyone in your native tongue for a 3 week period.

4. The tolerance build up of all types of stimulants: coffee, tea, sugar, carbs, guarana, ginseng, etc.

5. The true inability to think (especially present after 4+ hours of straight studying).

6. Your life being the perfect example of the efficiency of polyphasic sleep (hey.. Da Vinci did it!)

And to top it all off, a row of exams starting at 8:30 in the morning? Who the heck planned that!?

So… its been over 2 weeks since my last blog already… I dont get it!

Am I really that busy that a week feels like a day, a month like a week? The more I think about it, the more I realize that maybe time, as we think of it, is speeding up. Or….

One of the most abstract but helpful things I can say to the students thinking about studying at university, or anyone in general; SLOW DOWN!

I know you have heard this a million times before but i am going to attempt to say it in a way that is really going to hit home for those who read this. You all already know that busy=stress, stress=sick BUT there are healthy ways to be busy. You all know that scheduling hours of your day to specific activities, LOOKS laborous but gives us more time, so DO IT!

Society is DRIVING us to do more in an hour than we ever have before but the faster we go and the more we get done, the less we tend to appreciate that which we are doing. Instead of making a mad dash for the bus as it pulls away; STOP, take a deep breath and thank the powers that be for the minutes you get to spend on yourself while you wait for the next bus.

Breath when you wake up in the morning. Cold air or is it REFRESHING?

Falling asleep while you are studying. Don’t you think your body is trying to tell you something?

“I don’t have enough time!” you scream to yourself/friend/family member. But what is it that you are really saying? WE created time in order to more efficiently conduct our affairs but we don’t own it.. its not something you can touch. Let your anger towards time go… there is no such thing as time.

Chew your food and TASTE it…. Dammit.. there a reason why we are eating! And it definitely aint JUST to get that knot in our stomach out…. taste it and feel the energy it is giving you? Are you feeling sluggish, tired, crappy after your eating? Your body is telling you something!

Stop ignoring the obvious because of this awful sense of time.

NOW… Step 2 for me?: TAKING MY OWN ADVICE!

What was i thinking???

Ok… To all of you out there trying to figure out how in the hell to put your schedule together, remember this, and this is KEY (It WILL be on the final exam, you forget and you WILL be considered the weakest link, and you WILL receive NO sympathy from me if you have read this).


This seems like a simple enough task, but don’t let this statement’s lack of words and simplicity fool you! No… it is essential that you understand this point thoroughly or your world will come crumbling down.

You see.. I aimed for the typical, and needed, 30 credits BUT because of my options for courses, and availability, I ended up with 6 courses in one term and 4 in the other. Hmm.. ok i said… then i will have the 30 credits i need.

WRONG! This was a big mistake.

6 midterms in one week is too much!

Not to mention 6 finals in one week come December!

You will have no life, and be living off of:

Coffee, Redbull and Peanut butter and jelly sandwiches!

You Dont Want This!

My schedule this week: 2 papers, 5 midterms (3 of which are worth more than 20%!) , and a partridge in a pear treeee! Now, because it is essential that you keep up on your readings while at University to make sure you are at the top of your game (thats a good thing right!?), it is virtually impossible to study thoroughly for a new midterm in one night AND keep up with your homework (Thats right.. you still have homework to think about?!… forgot about that didn’t ya?)

But seriouslt. Thats it.

Thats all there is.

You do this and you will succeed.

The world is your oyster if only you:


Happy Mid-terms!

Soo… since I haven’t written for a little while,  I wanted to indulge and write on a couple of subjects today. I hope that works for y’all.

I have recently found out that taking 6 courses at the same time, like I somehow managed to do, is not all the recommended. It worked out that I have this many courses this term because of the lack of courses available in my next term. Anyways.. this proves to be… well… busy to say the least. (I dont recommend more then 5 at a time…. just so you know for when you are planning your next schedule) But i have to live with my decision which is fine but really make sure you take advantage of the Advising teams as well as Add/Drop week… things are going to get a lot busier then how it feels in the first week… thats for sure. 

*As we are coming up on Mid-Terms (some have already had some of theirs), I am going to use a second for a little self promotion! If you are already at the UBC studying and have a busy midterm week… make sure to keep your eyes out for the flyers from the new AGD pledges as we will be doing some massage sessions (7-10 minute shoulder rubs for only $5!) for stressed students between the 15th and 19th in the SUB so come support Cops for Cancer and visit our Caresses for Cops for Cancer!*

 Besides that, I just wanna give everyone some little tips.

#1. To prepare for mid-terms, try not to get behind on reading!

#2. Talk to your TA’s (teacher assistants) regarding papers early on, they love that you feel the need to get a little insight from them!

#3. Make sure to get enough sleep!!

And last but not least!

#4. As soon as you get your syllabi, make sure to go through all of them and write in a calendar when you have papers due, in-class assignments and exams. This is going to help drastically when you have homework from each class, perhaps work to worry about and need to prepare for the stuff that counts towards marks!

Remember, prioritize! In some classes it is impossible to do all the reading asked, try to find more effective ways to read like find the areas upon which the prof will focus. Wouldnt hurt to take a few speed-reading courses before you come to UBC…

Happy Mid-terms!

My thanks giving.

I know you are all waiting in anticipation for the Thanksgiving dinner you are about to enjoy.. (only a few more hours before the delicious smells will be delicious tastes in your mouth).. but I just wanted to take a few minutes to tell you all what I am most Thankful for this Thanksgiving.

First, I think I need to update you all a little bit.

I DID end up joining a sorority and it’s just been the greatest decision I have made since deciding to come to UBC. I have 60 new sisters! Though maybe not blood family, they are my family just the same!

As a most of you know, I have just moved to Vancouver with my bf from Denmark and as such have a limited number of people we know around here and definitely no family in the area. This being, Michael, my bfs first Thanksgiving in Canada, I was a little sad to find out that he might be having KFC for his first Thanksgiving meal (we are too broke to be investing in a full on Thanksgiving dinner for just the two of us… hehe). However, this was NOT the case.

After being persuaded by some of the other sisters (I joined Alpha Gamma Delta… Judith is my pledgemama and I guess her mom is renowned for making AWESOME dinners), I asked Judith if it was alright that Michael and I come and join their Thanksgiving. Normally I wouldnt dare to impose like this BUT apparently, Judiths mom makes “the best food” “would love to stuff you guys” and “would be offended if i didnt ask”.

So… last night, and only getting lost once on the way, Michael and I arrived at Judiths house to be greated by what felt like her entire family! It was soooo awesome and soo perfect. Michael and I felt soo welcome and I just fell in love with her family. I looooved the hustle and bustle and the multiple conversations going on at the “kid table”. We were all “encouraged” (and i use this term loosely as i do believe there were 4 separate occasions where we were told we werent eating enough) to take seconds, thirds, and even fourths. We spent the rest of the evening digesting in the company of Scattegories and Cranium (intensely fun games.. though i do feel I might have hurt Cams ego a little when i whopped his butt at scattegories! hehe).

Other than being soo thankful for the opportunity to show Michael what Thanksgiving is all about (and Judiths family most certainly did that), which i cannot say enough, I am just so thankful to know that there are families out there so open and willing to share in their happiness and bountiful holiday with otherwise perfect strangers. 

On that note, I hope you alll have an awesome day and enjoy your families…. Its time for me to get back to my Philosophy paper!

Thanks again Judith and her family! I cant wait to share more stories about my awesome sisters!  Hey Alpha Gams!!! 

There isn’t really a whole lot to say about our first week at UBC that I didnt already expect. TOTALLY busy, didn’t make it out to half of the Frosh week stuff that I wanted to but i must say, i think i kinda shocked myself (the following is a tale of personal wonder).

When I was growing up, I have always been kind of a tom-boy and very individual. When I was 19 I moved to Denmark on my own and I thrive in my travels when I am flying solo. That is why to my surprise, I decided to “try out” for a sorority.

There are 7 sororities at the UBC, all with there own unique outlook, personality, charity and support system. During my very intense RUSHing at the Panhellenic House (the name of the building where all of the sororities have there rooms and where sisters can live if they would like to rent an room), I probably met a million women in the course of 3 hours! The idea is to equally introduce each of the sororities and their uniqueness to all the girls who are interested in joining, over the course of 2 nights. From there, the sororites and interested parties, decide:

1. If the sorority “life” and involvement is for you. Its not for everyone. Really. It craves a certain about of time, commitment and willingness to help that not everyone is capable of giving when taking 30 credits at the UBC.

2. If they (the sorority) can see you being apart of their “family”. And that is what they will become. With some sororities even adopting a hierarchy of family-hood (big-sis, li’l-sis, etc.) I can only imagine what the relationships in these groups of incredible women are like.

I am totally new to Vancouver and very interested in getting involved in my community. As I will be majoring in Psychology, I hope to get deeper involved into some charities where I can hopefully build a good repetour and gain some experience in my field. This, and the idea of possibly recieving additional scholarships, are the reasons why I find myself extremely excitied to see if the sorority I would like to join (Alpha Gamma Delta) is also interested in me as a member.

Now, these arrangements are not to be taken lightly. There is a, in my opinion, high “dues” price that one must pay to become a member. At the same time, one also must be willing to commit a certain amount of time not only during the RUSH process, and initiation but also pledging and so on. I find myself worried about if i will be able to make the balance between different areas of my life, which i will need to do in order to be successful during my time at UBC. Working is a necessity, in order to have the funds needed to keep myself sane. I am a very committed student and thus use as much time on homework as I can muster (sure not more then the common UBC student, however). My boyfriend will need his cuddles and affection every now and then (as will I)  so I am forced to ask myself if there is enough time in there for me-time and time with my possible sisters…….

I dont know but I think im willing to find out. Sooo exciting!

Ok, I am going to get this off of my chest for one final time, and you all can consider yourselves lucky that you weren’t one of the first to hear this.

So I sign-up for Faststart….. Faststart is supposed to be this way of getting all your books, without waiting in the line-up; they can even be delivered to your door. BUT don’t let these promises fool you! I’m guessing that this is a new system so they may eventually work out the kinks, and kinks there were. For me anyways. So consider yourselves warned!

They reel you in with promises of ease and delight. I ordered my books, added that I would prefer Used books and inputted my address as I do not live on campus. I am then notifies that my books will be arriving on one of 3 days…. between the hours of 8AM and 8PM….. and that they will be unable to notify me on what day they are coming! This would be managable if I had a roommate at the time, or even friends(!) but I am then forced to put a sign on my door whenever i am gone, that my landlord can take my books (so far the only person in my complex that i have exchanged words with). So…. i go away Friday evening, no books have arrived.

Now, I have to go to the bookstore anyway (located very accessibly on University Blvd.) and not only do i have to go there…. I have to stand in line! You see, i know myself well enough to know my patience level… and when regarding line-ups… it is not high! So, instead of being all prepared and having my books ahead of time as the mature, responsible person I am would prefer, I am now getting my books the day before classes… instead of enjoying the Carneval.

Oh wait… it gets better! Once I finally get my box o’books I see what I feared the most.


Thats right folks, a big 6/14 is written on the side of the box. This means that out of 14 books that I needed to start this year, I have 6 AND they have given me the one I specifically asked that they NOT give me as I had already purchased it. Great… 9 more books to go and the line-ups have got to be as long as the Great Wall.

So… the long on the short of it is that I have had NO benefit from Faststart what-so-ever. I could have gone a couple of weeks before school, when i was bored, and made sure i had all my books but no… they recommended Faststart.

But I have made a discovery that I would like to share with you all.


Remember this. Add it to your favorites because there are a number of your books that can be purchased here (especially English books, etc.) and they will end up costing you about half of the cost from even getting a used book from the Student Bookstore and this is because sometimes you can get perfectly readable copies for $0.01! This means $3.95 for shipping and handling and the book cost you only $4 and some planning!

Sweet sweet frugality.

Woman seeking…

So, I had a pretty productive day yesterday and due to that productive day, I can comfortably say, I have an apartment! And im not just talking about a place that I have to pay rent for, or a place with 4 walls. I am talking about something that actually feels like a home. You see, the passed few weeks, I have been living with nothing in my living room but a sofa and the TV sitting on the floor. Yesterday I got a TV stand (thank god) and  a great arm chair which i love and everything just feels so much more complete. I used craigslist to get this stuff and I thought about how invaluable this site would be to anyone so here it is: vancouver.craigslist.org . You see, anyone that has just moved to Vancouver will benefit GREATLY from craigslist. Having just moved here myself from Europe, I am not entirely sure of the popularity of craigslist so this blog might be pointless but IF not… whew… I’m glad I remembered to cover this!

Anyways, craigslist is this great website where you can find EVERYTHING you need. (Did I mention VERY affordable… sometimes FREE!?) Apartment searching? craigslist! Need a place to rest your feet? craigslist. Heck.. need a woman? CRAIGSLIST! Even if you just need some entertainment, you gotta check out the “missed connections” list. (I like to pretend that each one is talking about me! Man, do i feel loved/desired after 15 minutes of reading those!) And there’s no way you can feel lonely when you read through the someone “seeking” someone adds! There are tons of people in Vancouver! Who knew!

Im reading the other Blog Squaders messages here and I just realized… Maybe I should formally introduce myself… Just an idea.

 Miranda Abild from Alberta. But I have just moved back from Denmark where I was living for the past 4.5 years. (I’m half Danish, half Canadian) I decided to study at UBC for a number of reasons but mostly it was just to try something new. I love travelling and all of my savings, whenever I have them, have always gone to that. I have been very blessed with the support of my family as well and even while I was wondering the streets in Rome alone, my parents somehow stopped themselves from flying over, kidnapping me from my own adventurousness, and placing me in a room with a padlock on the door.

Another good reason to try something new was that my boyfriend and I had been living in room of 17 meters squared. This is not a lot of space as most of you are about to find out! I think this is going to be one of your bigger challenges while studying at the UBC (especially if you are coming from the protection of home) and this has nothing to do with the actual physical space, but rather the people who will constantly invade it… and it is inevitable. Im sorry.

Anyways, i guess what i am trying to say is that i got what i needed out of Denmark (an education, i learnt the language, etc.) but by that i mostly mean my honey. I am going to have to fight the girl off of him over here though… thats for sure.

Having come from Denmark, also means that I was invited to GALA for the international students. Even though i dont have any of the problems with VISAs or working that they might have, I am still totally going to go. I think one of the greatest things UBC has to offer is the fact that it is so international. There is so much to be learned from other cultures, and you dont even have to visit the country to learn them! GALA is a few days of us internationals getting together for seminars and what not to get truly prepared for what studying in Canada is going to entail. And for these international students, these days are huge! I only wish I would have had this type of thing when i moved to Denmark! I was totally lost! But GALA builds a basis for what the rest of their time is going to be like. If GALA is skipped on their part, they risk having all sorts of problems with making a life here succeed.. The reason why i am going is definitely for the friendships though. I have been in Vancouver a month now and without a job or school, getting friends can be kind of tough. I got a great apartment in Kitslano (if your not familiar with the area, you will be!) and i just cant wait to enjoy it with someone else! Anyone!?

Well.. i think that is more then enough intro to myself for now.

That last thing i want to say for now is just, remember to enjoy your holiday! Yes, i know how exciting moving/studying/starting new is BUT its going to become all too familiar and everyday, all too quickly. Enjoy that you don’t have to cram for that mid-term now, Enjoy that you can sleep in late without a doctors note or awful pangs of quilt!, Enjoy that you dont have to worry about not understand a word your professor said today but most importantly, Enjoy that every minute of everyday, you just want it to be break already!!

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