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“They”, whomever they might be. They say that you are not just a number. The professors, the organizers, the deans, the TA’s, even your classmates with experience with certain classes. They all say that you are not just a number in a class. That you are a committed student. That you have a purpose in class and that you are recognizable as an individual. But sometimes, this just isn’t the case.

It’s sad but there are still some professors that treat you with cold gazes and stock replies to your emails and inquiries. There, unfortunately, are professors that do this. They may have their excuses. Maybe they are just as nervous as you are (or does that just apply to first dates?). Maybe they are soo busy with their labs and papers and research and time management and personal lives that they don’t have time to put just a little sincerity into the way they treat you (yes, some sarcasm detected).

The fact of the matter is that eventually, you are going to meet one of these people. It might not be in class and it might only be just for one day. But it is inevitable. You know what I think?   Screw ’em! You have done your research on ratemyprofessors.com. You’ve talked to your friends. You have done everything you can to avoid these professors and it can still happen. So, the only thing to do? Turn up the cool! I challenge you! For every insincere, stock reply, cold shoulder experienced, turn up the charm and class and personality! They might not get it and it might make them feel uncomfortable but maybe, if enough people show them how it is done, something might click. Maybe.. What else can you do?

Runnin’ in the Rain.

Does anything feel better?

I went out for a jog this morning (ok.. 10am was morning for me today) and it felt GREAT! You wanna know why it felt great? Well, I will tell you! It felt great because it was just slightly raining! Finally, the snow/ice/slush has thawed and people are emerging from their caves. Including me!

Does Anything Feel Better?

Honestly, I’m asking you. If you can think of anything that feels just as good – those little warm-fuzzies, the things that make you go “Ahh”, etc. – post them! It’s share time people and I’m feeling refreshed and rejuventated!


Resolutions.. *shiver*

Who made resolutions this year? Does no one learn?

My opinion is that if you would really like to AVOID having something happen in the New Year, turn it into a resolution. That ways you ensure that you will, indeed, not get that task accomplished.

My New Years Resolutions (keeping the above disclaimer in mind)

**These are, of course, made up on the spot as I quite clearly despise any form of real resolution, why do you need the changing of the year as a catalyst to make change in your life? NOW is the only time to do it!

a. I will swim with sharks and play with seaweed this year. *check – my two basal fears covered*

b. I will contract an infectious disease this year, break a bone, have an organ removed, have headaches all the time, get ulcers, CHD, influenza, all viral infections, have a bone marrow transplant, get pink eye, worms (ew), acid reflux, get into a car accident and cancer this year. . *check check – my health is in order*

c. I will go bankrupt this year. *Finances – check*

d. I will lose all of my friends and family members “Network – check*

Ok, this is getting a little morid but you get the idea. My point? No one ever does their resolutions!

I have yet to venture to this so-called Expo. (What is an expo anyways? What is it short for? Please fill me in as I feel this is “ought-to-know” information). But I am going this year.

What do I expect? Well, I am hoping I can make some career connections, do some networking, but I have no clue is this is something that happens at these “Expo’s”. If you have been, can you please tell me? I really don’t have that many evenings to be throwing around like that so I would rather not go if it’s going to be a waste of time. If no one knows ANYTHING, I am going to assume that A) Maybe the Arts Career Expo ought to do a little more advertising and B) That maybe I can be the “reporter” for this event.

In any case, I will let you know.

Wow.     WOW.

I had no expectations about how Vancouver would react to this heavy snowfall, rainfall, slushy mess, freezing, melting, snowfall…. .. …

There are lakes and ice patches all throughout campus! I love the snow. I do NOT love the way people are simply not aware of what is needed in order to endure in this weather. Here are some don’ts and really don’ts of this funky weather (a little late, I know, but better late then never)

1. If your tires are bald .. wait.. ok, bald tires are tires that have little to no grooves in them.. anyways, if your tires look like that, don’t, thats right DON’T try to drive uphill! Your small Honda Civic has no weight and the bus is stuck in front of you. I have no idea where you get the idea that you can somehow go up a hill better than a bus (those things are tanks) but seriously, don’t bother! You are in the way of those with 4-wheel drive or those who have figured out the dynamics and physics of driving in the snow.

2. Heels? Uggs (AKA grippless sponges)? FLIP FLOPS!? All completely inappropriate. Your mom has been telling you for years. You’re in University, now’s the time to put those lessons into motion!

3. Shorts???? I…. I can’t even….no words.  *sigh*

4. I will let you in on a little piece of intell. If you want to make some serious dough, Rig a shovel to the front of your vehicle! The city apparently doesn’t own any plows themselves and just hires those who do. Make a killin’!    (ok.. so that’s a Do)

5. Lick the fence. I dare you! (ok, not anymore but that would be funny as hell wouldn’t it!?)  

That is all.

Intelligence Doping?

Do that many people here take ritalin or some other pill-form substance during exam time? I really want to know. I don’t know how I can get you to tell me anonymously, but I guess you could make a fake account and post (I know, time consuming) but if you know of someone who knows someone, let’s start talking about this.

Can you imagine if we had to pee in a cup before writing exams? Not that I think that this will ever happen or anything but I had no idea this type of thing went on. It’s soo hush hush and I have yet to make an opinion on the matter (Is it fair that some people, normally those with a little extra cash, get to use these drugs which statistically improve memory and focus? Is this a minor form of cheating? Should everyone have equal access to this technique and use it if they so choose? Is it really that bad?)

Let’s talk about it!! I really want to know people opinions on it so throw them my way!


Ok. So I am going to make this short, sweet and simple.

School is harder than I thought it was going to be.

I am in the Honours program, which means that I kind of have no life. And this is the only excuse that I have for not blogging ALL the time. I have wise words to give and I want to give them (whether you want to read them or not is another story) so I am playing a new part this term. This term I am playing the part of the 100% student. Last term I worked, volunteered and went through a lil something that I am sure I will eventually blog about BUT the point is, it was hectic.

Lesson learned.

Don’t take on too much. Its sooo easy to do and soo hard to get out of. Im so proud of the many boy and girls that are still stickin’ with it. Keep up the great work!

Thats it. Thats all I had to confess. New devotion is nice though, isn’t it?


… .. seriously??


This is why I don’t “do” politics. Really, not that this has to do with the clip but I feel that only the informed vote is a vote that ought to be made.

Where’s the Handle..?

Entertainment for your study breaks. Everyone needs back up links for when you just cant think anymore. Careful though, youtube is addictive. No seriously. *Caution*

Idea: I have friends that give their friends their Facebook passwords when its midterm/final time and their friends change their passwords for them so that they can’t log in and Face-creep. Come on. You know you do it. Well, if its interrupting your midterm studies, try it! I highly recommend it.

Here’s some Dane Cook. I love this guy. Again, addictive.



Je-fe-fe Dun-Ham and Peanut (You’ll get it when you see it)


Jeff Dunham and Walter


Jeff Dunham and Achmed



Yesterday I had classes from 11 – 7:30 pm.

The day before I read from 9:30 – 6:30 pm.

If it weren’t so damned obvious (a problem in a class of 5), I would skip my Danish class to get a good study groove on.

Hi, my name is Miranda and apparently, I am an addict.

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