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Unit 3 Reflections

Hello class,

As we are approaching the end of the course, assignments became more difficult to perform. Unit 3 was the most challenging unit for me so far. In this unit, the main assignment was writing the formal report, and I tried to prosper in it as the report has the biggest impact on the course score. Also, it was both challenging and intriguing to peer-review the formal report. One of the reason, is the size of the document, and the second reason is the responsibility to provide a thoughtful review for your team member.

Formal report

The formal report in a central assignment in the course and I was prepared that its value will mirror its difficulty. Gathering information for the report was the most profitable part of this assignment, as I established good connections, discovered all available resources that UBC provides for the students. However, I also discovered possible caveats in the mental health support and in the conclusion of the report I gave suggestions on how they can be eliminated.

I should say that forehand prepared report layout and progress report were great toolls for final writing and made this process much easier. I just needed to sit down at put all the data together. However, the most strenuous in this assignment was to find this free time, as at the same time an exam period started. So with a small delay, I accomplished the report, as I know that it will impact my groupmate`s schedule, who will be reviewing the report. But I should say, that Morgan and Ranjit, my writing team members, also faced some difficulties in writing their reports. Overall, I enjoyed wring the report and hope with Ranjit`s feedback I can make it even better to propose thoughtful recommendations on how to improve graduate students` mental health support. 


As was mentioned in previous reflections, peer-reviewing is also one of the crucial aspects of this course. YOU attitude (i.e., reader-centered writing) and recommendations from the instructor blog facilitated the peer review process. They also pointed me out on some mistakes that I did before reviewing works in the writing group. For this lesson, I reviewed Morgan`s formal report, which was titled “Analysis of Hour Allocation and Job Satisfaction at SW Event Technology”. I understood how important for proper allocation is important for job satisfaction and Morgan made interesting suggestions in the report which I think I also can use at my work. However, the most challenging in this peer review was the size of the report as you have to thoroughly read the report to provide your team member with meaningful feedback. I believe that Morgan will find my peer review helpful and it will alleviate her preparing a final version.

Overall, I enjoyed unit 3 and even it was challenging, I have to admit the assignment. I am looking forward to finishing the formal report and application package. As it is the last reflections in the course I would like to say that ENGL 301 helped me to refine technical communication skills and made clearer the work communication etiquette.

Thank you for reading my reflections,

Taras Shyp