Springboards – Comprehensive exams

Comprehensive exams are the first real monsters to slay on the PhD quest, and too often it feels like we have to confront them on our own, armed with little but vague assumptions about what these exams are supposed to look like.

Well, fear not, Springboards is coming to the rescue! (Am I overdoing the extended metaphor yet?) Thursday’s Springboards will be a workshop on comps where you can ask all you’ve ever wanted to know about comps. It is aimed primarily at PhD students who are preparing their comps and 1st-year PhDs, but all are welcome, including senior PhD students who are willing to pass on a piece of advice or two to the newbies!

The workshop will be composed of a 20min talk + 10 mins Q&A from a faculty member, followed by 1 hour of conversation with senior PhD students who will be sharing their experience + tips about comps.

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