Introducing the undergrad Mentorship program

One of the things that the GSCS does is stay in touch with undergrad students through the SSA, the undergraduate Sociology Student Association. We collaborate with them on a number of events throughout the year, including the undergrad journal and the upcoming grad school panel, where we share our knowledge and disenchantment with the process of applying to grad school! (Just kidding, it feels great to spend hours and hours writing applications.)

This year, under the leadership of Kerry Watts and Christina Ngyuen, we have decided to start a mentorship program for Honors students. All Honors students who are interested can be paired up with a graduate student, who can act as a resource throughout the year in addition to the undergrad student’s supervisor. The idea that the pair have similar research interests and/or career aspirations, so that the mentorship can be most helpful!

If you’re a graduate student and you’ve missed Kerry’s regular emails, feel free to contact her about taking part in the program. Matches are in the process of being made, and there will be a workshop on Thursday November 18th where we will discuss what it means to be (and to have) a mentor, and what the mentorship relationship should look like.

I’m excited about this new opportunity for undergrad and grad students alike – here is to hoping the program will be successful and long-lived!

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