Starting Her Own Company After Graduation… Wow

During last week’s lecture, I was lucky to have met Janice Cheam, CEO of Energy-Aware, and listen to her experiences of starting a company of her own. I think her story is really impressive and motivating. After graduation, she had an idea and she could actually turn that into reality, now having an expanding company of her own… wow!

With the expanding population and increased demand for energy it is important that we find ways to conserve it. One of the her company’s products is the Power Tab¬†In-Home Display, which shows your power consumption and rates in the house. You can put it anywhere you want, its quite convenient to move around. It gives¬†instantaneous information about the elecricity use this way people will see if they are using too much. It is very useful as Janice said because you only receive the bill at the end of the month to see your consumption level, but this way people are able to track it every day. It saves a lot of electricity and money, it is especially useful for people living in areas where energy is more expensive. Innovation really makes our lives more comfortable and convenient.

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