Northern Gateway Pipeline-Sustainable?

I was reading through some blogs and found Ravjot Sandhu’s blog on  the Northern Gateway Pipeline Project that Enbridge is trying to build, which caught my attention. I was just doing some research on it for my English paper on the employment side of the project, which I can now connect to last week’s lecture on sustainability.


Ravjot says how it would benefit British Columbia and have a positive impact on the Canadian economy however, it could also cause environmental damage if things went wrong. Responding to the economy side of the blog, it will boost Canada’s GDP but will have  trade-offs in other parts of the economy such as the manufacturing sector. Some scholars have addressed their concerns on the Dutch Disease connected to this project and how actually there will be many job losses in the manufacturing sector. Enbridge claims their project is sustainable but I don’t think it is because their estimates are so vague and ignore many relevant factors. It is important to look at the overall effect in the long-run. They don’t caculate how many jobs their project is putting at risk and how many jobs an oil spill might destroy. Enbridge really emphasizes the job opportunities but most of them would actually only be in the short-term and are greatly overstated.






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