Disney Uses Child Labour? (Re: Exploitation of the Poor)

One of Mannat Cheema’s blogs was on the “exploitation of the poor”. This has been a very serious ongoing issue in developing countries because of the lack of regulations and the enourmous supply of cheap labour. She mentions how big companies such as Nike and Gap are treating their workers very harshly. They are obviously nowhere near the concept of business ethics.


Probably most people would have guessed they are involved in such unethical practices but for example, I was surprised to see American Eagle down the list as well. So I did some research and found an article saying that Disney, the heaven and dream of children, uses child labour in some factories in China. The article states they “force staff to do three times the amount of overtime allowed by law. ” Isn’t that just ironical? Using children to make toys for children? Child labour in my opinion is the most cruel and unethical part of exploiting the poor. Just because they don’t have money doesn’t mean that they can be treated like slaves, especially children. So I totally agree with Mannat that this “inhumane unethical practice needs to be stopped.” Why can’t companies make profits and be socially responsible as well?




Blog: https://www.vista.ubc.ca/webct/urw/tp0.lc5116011/cobaltMainFrame.dowebct






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