UrtheCast: “View the Earth in a New Way”


Wade Larson, the Director, Co-Founder and Vice President of UrtheCast was a guest speaker presenting to us in last week’s lecture. The company installs HD cameras in space that shows videos live of certain parts of the Earth at different times. When he first introduced the company I was so amused by how he can have such a big idea and that his company is actually working with national space agencies such as Energia from Russia.


UrtheCast, as Mr. Larson explained, has four main focuses for the future: media content sales, Earth observation sales, application platform sales and web advertising. Out of these, the last one is where they see the most potentials. Web advertising is definitely a great marketing strategy I think because with technology constantly developing, internet and the web are going to be people’s primary sources. It is where people will get information the fastest and most convenient way.  The company also has a great advantage of being the ones  having the first HD video camera in space and they are also highly differentiated. This strength will help the company a lot against other competitiors and in the process of implementing their plans.


Source: http://www.urthecast.com/ and Comm 101 Class 19.





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