Carbon Offsetting for a Clear Conscience (Response to Tim Martiniak’s Blogpost)

Tim’s blogpost discussed the emergence of a new industry focused on offsetting emissions into the environment. He brought up Offsetters, a company based on reducing greenhouse gases around the globe. Offsetters provides an opportunity for companies to buy their services, financing projects focused on environmental sustainability. Tim’s post explained how companies basically neutralized their carbon emission as investing enough money to counterbalance their pollution (reduce as much as their create).

After conducting additional research, I found an interesting advertised service. Tim’s post focused on companies being able to offset their emission, but Offsetters also provides opportunities for individuals to reduce their everyday emission. With CoolDrivePass (a car emission calculator), you can calculate your car’s annual emissions and then offset for carbon neutral driving.

In my opinion, this is a really neat idea. Companies are often not as willing to make an effort to reduce greenhouse gases emissions as are individuals. It is a lot simpler for someone to decide they want to help the environmental sustainability movement or just do their part in improving their environment. This also encourages people to be more aware about their planets and the ways in which they pollute. Overall, I think this business has a lot of potential for growth.

Tim Martiniak’s Blogpost: Carbon Offsetting for a Clear Conscience 

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