Communicative Activities

Activity: Presentation with Pictures, Parts One and Two
In this Literacy/Beginner class, the instructor introduces important vocabulary items through simple pictures. Comprehension checks involve using simple questions, gestures and body language, opposites and explanations. Attention is also paid to pronunciation through choral repetition.

Activity: Board Game
In this Literacy/Beginner class, the students play a simple board game in groups to practice essential weather vocabulary in an authentic manner, answering the question “How’s the Weather?”

Activity: Find Someone Who mixer
With this Find Someone Who activity, these Literacy/Beginner students are encouraged to move around the classroom, asking each other about their attitudes to weather conditions and seasons. This activity is excellent for practicing question formation and responses as well as for encouraging spontaneous communication among the students. Following the mixer, the instructor brings the class back together in order to check for comprehension, correct use of tenses and pronunciation.

Activity: Information Gap, “The College Dorm.” Parts One and Two.
In this activity, these Lower Intermediate students have to take on the roles of students in a college dorm and find out who their neighbours are, in order to be able to collaborate in drawing up a diagram of the dorm and its residents. The activity is task-based and highly communicative. It is also very enjoyable!

Activity: Pronunciation Activity.
This brief, simple pronunciation activity involves these Lower Intermediate students getting into pairs and completing a student to student dictation that practices certain vowel sounds. The whole class is also involved in the correction process.

Activity: “Messenger and Scribe.”
This activity, also known as the running dictation, uses all four skills as the students have to relay their message from the whiteboard to their partner, who is then responsible for writing it down. A great activity to use as a warm up or after the students have been sitting for a long time.

Activity: Role Plays.
These Upper Intermediate/Advanced level students have prepared role plays, in which one student is the boss or chef, while the other one plays the role of the new worker who has been called in for a performance evaluation. The worker is then supposed to ask for a raise. The students perform the sketches in front of the class and some obviously enjoy the opportunity to be in the spotlight.

Activity: Jigsaw
This excerpt shows the final part of a jigsaw activity in which expert groups are split up so that students can teach each other the information they have researched in their previous groups. The students use pictures, notes and any other teaching aids that they choose to get their message across.

Activity: Toastmasters (three sections)
In these Toastmaster activities, students are put into pairs and given a topic that they have to talk about without much preparation. The topics are fairly familiar ones and students take turns to be the speaker from one topic to the next. The instructor then chooses one or two of the pairs to report back to the class.

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