Teaching a Grammar Point

Activity: Grammar Lesson on Used to

Joann Chernen. Lower Intermediate class. VCC



Activity: Introductory Discussion and Brainstorming

Morna McLeod. Intermediate Grammar Lesson. VCC

These Intermediate students talk about their favourite places to visit in the Lower Mainland. This provides a context for the grammar point that will be introduced later on in the lesson. The students then have to mingle in order to gather information on four particular locations and identify the location indicated by short sentences they have been given.

Activity: Grammar Presentation (Parts One and Two).
Morna McLeod. Intermediate Grammar Lesson. VCC
The lesson continues with a presentation showing how to connect short sentences with adjective clauses to form more complex and interesting sentences. In Part Two, the students practice forming these longer sentences about the locations they discussed previously and report back to the whole class for feedback.

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