Introduction to ESOL Levels

Activity: Warm up.
Tanya Lebar. Literacy/Level 1 Beginner. MOSAIC
In this simple warm up to a class on weather, instructor Tanya Lebar elicits questions from the whole class before distributing simple question cards to groups, who must then practice asking and answering questions together. She then brings them together for a final debriefing session.

Activity: Presentation with Pictures, Parts One and Two.
Tanya Lebar. Literacy/Level 1 Beginner. MOSAIC
In this Literacy/Beginner class, the instructor introduces important vocabulary items through simple pictures. Comprehension checks involve using simple questions, gestures and body language, opposites and explanations. Attention is also paid to pronunciation through choral repetition.

Activity: School Subject Discussion.
Jeff Shucard. Lower Intermediate Class. MOSAIC.
In this discussion, these Lower Intermediate students brainstorm school and college subjects they already know in English before being introduced to some they may not know. This discussion of essential vocabulary prepares them for a communication activity that follows.

Activity: Role Plays.
Helga Mankhof. Upper Intermediate/Advanced class. VCC.
These Upper Intermediate/Advanced level students have prepared role plays, in which one student is the boss or chef, while the other one plays the role of the new worker who has been called in for a performance evaluation. The worker is then supposed to ask for a raise. The students perform the sketches in front of the class and some obviously enjoy the opportunity to be in the spotlight.

Activity: Role Plays.
Jane Forward. Advanced Level. English for Health Sciences. VCC
This short excerpt shows an advanced level English for Health Sciences class practicing role plays that make use of reported speech and fillers to show empathy and concern.

Activity: Review Discussion
Dave Smith. College Preparation 059 Class. VCC
In this review at the College Preparation level, students discuss material from a previous lesson in groups to see how much they can remember. The topic is a famous person and each group is given a different aspect of his life to focus on. Students are given some time to share the information before reporting back to the whole class.

Activity: Literary Analysis Parts One and Two.
Doug Ellis. College Preparation 099 Class. VCC
In this College Preparation class, instructor Doug Ellis leads the students in a literary analysis of a short story by Margaret Laurence. He asks the students to compare and contrast two main characters and elicits crucial vocabulary and ideas that the students will need to write their analysis for homework. Some students obviously find this easier than others.

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