Instructor Interviews

Interview: Tanya Lebar. Literacy/Level 1 Beginner. MOSAIC.
In this interview, instructor Tanya Lebar discusses the challenges of teaching a multi-level beginner/literacy class.

Interview: Tanya Cowie. Beginner Level 1-2/Literacy Class. VCC.
In this interview, instructor Tanya Cowie describes her objectives for this beginner class on the theme of clothing and discusses how she deals with the challenges of this level.

Interview: Jeff Shucard. Lower Intermediate. MOSAIC.
In this interview, instructor Jeff Shucard discusses the information gap activity “The College Dorm” which is aimed at an Intermediate level class. He describes the importance of practicing rather than just studying the language.

Interview: Helga Mankhof. Upper Intermediate/Advanced class. VCC.
In this interview, instructor Helga Mankhof describes the purpose of the communicative activities she uses with her Upper Intermediate/Advanced level class as they combine the study of English with Baking and Pastry Arts.

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