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6 PM Tuesday 11.25.2014 || Isabel MacInnes Ballroom

Medicine & Applied Science
Dr. Matthew Yedlin

Dr. Yedlin

Dr. Matthew J. Yedlin is an Associate Professor, jointly appointed in the Departments of Electrical Engineering in the Faculty of Applied Science and Earth and Ocean Sciences in the Faculty of Science at the University of British Columbia. Dr. Yedlin’s research is interdisciplinary, focusing on the applications of techniques in electrical engineering to geophysical research problems and the application of multiple scattering to practical electromagnetic wave propagation problems. Dr. Yedlin is an expert in acoustic wave propagation, including acoustic diffraction, asymptotic expansions, numerical wave modeling, laboratory wave modeling and source signature generation for seismic cross-well tomography as well as applied digital signal processing.



Dr. Issy Laher

Dr. Laher

Dr. Laher specializes in the pharmacology of autoregulation, autonomic pharmacology, vascular smooth muscle, and cerebrovascular pharmacology. His interests are in understanding the function of small blood vessels in health and disease. In particular, he studies arteries from the heart and brain. Healthy blood vessels can regulate their diameter in an appropriate manner so that blood flow is kept near normal levels; this resting diameter is the balance of a number of constrictor (pressure, endothelin etc) and dilator (flow, nitric oxide, metabolites etc) influences. It is common for some or all such factors to be changed in diseases such as heart transplant, infectious disease, stroke etc. The level of resting blood vessel tone is intimately related to the availability of calcium and activation of enzymes that are sensitive to calcium within the cells. We monitor the diameter of calcium available to the cells of blood vessels and use agents to modify either the calcium that is available to the cell or the activities of enzymes that respond to calcium. Through this approach we can better understand the mechanisms whereby blood vessel diameter is modified on both a short and long term basis.


6 PM Tuesday 03.03.2015 | Ruth Blair C



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