Cleaning Procedures

If you have questions or concerns regarding cleaning procedures please call Walter Gage Building Services Office at 604 – 822 – 1009  for more information

  • Ensure all recycling, compost and garbage has been removed from your unit.
  • Stove: Lift up elements and remove drip pans.  Pull chrome rings off for cleaning.   Use only non-abrasive cleansers on stainless steel and enamel surfaces.  Please do not use aluminum foil to cover the drip pans as they may cause electrical problems.
  • Pull out Stove to clean behind: Open the oven door and grasp the edge to lift and loosen front feet from the floor.  Move side to side and pull out.  Clean sides of stove, walls and floor.  If the stove is in too tightly and cannot be pulled out, the bottom drawer can be removed to clean the floor. 
  • Fan and Hood: Wire mesh cover on fan can be removed for cleaning.  Clean grease from surrounding surfaces on top of and under hood. 
  • Oven: Spray or apply commercial oven cleaner to all surfaces in the oven including racks and broiler pan.  Follow instructions on product and use gloves. Wipe and thoroughly rinse all surfaces. 
  • Refrigerator(s): Baking soda and a mild detergent can be used on surfaces inside fridge and freezer.  Clean rubber seal around door. 
  • Pull out Fridge to clean behind: Remove food from fridge, freezer and door shelves.  Push and pull alternate sides of fridge to loosen feet from floor and then pull it out. Wipe sides of fridge, wall, and floor. 
  • Cupboards: Wash off shelves removing any grease, scuffmarks, or spilled food.  Wash off both sides of doors.  Clean out cupboards under the sink, dispose of unwanted items and cleaning products when checking out.  Check all drawers, vacuum and wash out. 
  • Washrooms: Clean all surfaces of toilet from tank to base, with a different cloth, clean sink, tub/shower enclosure and taps/faucets.  . Damp wipe counters, cupboards, shelves, mirror and walls with a mild detergent or glass cleaner. 
  • Bathtub and Shower Stall:  Most commercial non-abrasive tub and tile cleaners can be used on these surfaces.  Non-abrasive cleaning pads and baking soda can be used to remove soap and mineral deposits. Please do not use comet or abrasive cleansers on these surfaces, as they will cause permanent damage.  Wipe shower door and clean track. 
  • Fan covers in Washrooms (where applicable): Wipe surrounding areas, vacuum first if clumps of dust are visible. 
  • Shower Curtains (where applicable):  These are machine washable, use warm or cold water with vinegar and detergent.  Hang up wet. 
  • Floors:  You will need a bucket of water, a general purpose cleaning product, a scrubbing pad and a sponge mop or ‘Swiffer’ style microfiber mop or clean by hand with a cloth. 
  • Windows: Use any commercial window cleaner on glass.  You can also use a combination of water, vinegar and a drop of soap. Wipe ledges and window frames.
  • Carpets:  Vacuum all areas. 
  • Light Covers:   Remove to wash.  Submit work orders for any compact florescent lights that are burnt out. 
  • Walls: Use a product recommended for painted surfaces such as Vim, Mr. Clean, or Fantastic.  With cloth or sponge, wipe handprints, scuffs, tire marks and food off walls.  Rinse as necessary.  Wipe any drips off with a dry cloth. 
  • Balconies (where applicable):  Sweep and remove garbage and recycling.  Furniture may not block the exit of unit inside or out.


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  1. Well, quite useful tips. All people do the cleaning in different ways, but this post make a system out of a chaos!)0 I like the way the tips are arranged and enumerated. Thanks a lot for this entry!

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