Coping With Hangovers

By Kurtis Formosa
Residence AdvisorYikes!

Did you have a big night out at the Pit last night? Feeling a little sick and not sure how to deal with it? No worries! Here are some ways to make your hangover day manageable:

Good Breakfast:
Go ahead and make yourself a delicious fruit smoothie. Getting some fructose in is a great way to burn alcohol faster. Throwing bananas, frozen strawberries, vanilla protein powder, milk and ice all in my magic bullet makes my personal favourite hangover shake. Also make sure to stay hydrated and eat something to help with dehydration and help slow the absorption.

Coffee: …Enough said.

Don’t be Mopey:
Just because you are hungover doesn’t mean everyone else is! Continue your day as you normally would, interact with others and you will have energy back in no time. If you have class, go! Don’t let your hangover interfere with your regular daily routines.

Don’t Get One!:
Probably the best way to cope with a hangover is to simply avoid one in the first place. Watch your alcohol intake accordingly and try to keep yourself in control. If you’re about to crack a cold one, ask yourself: “Is this beer worth the hangover?”

I hope that after reading this you find yourself well equipped so you’re ready for the next night out!


Love your laptop?

Unfortunately in Gage, some residents have been victims of opportunity theft from the study rooms.  If you are leaving the room for any reason, always take your valuables with you.  In almost every case of theft, the victim left for “just a few minutes” and asked another resident to keep an eye on their laptop.


Love it? Don’t Leave it!


Bike Safety

Bicycles are stolen regularly at UBC.  You can protect your property by following these steps:

  • Using a strong lock.  UBC Campus Security has suggestions about locks here:
  • Lock your bike to a rack and make sure that your lock goes through the frame of your bike, not just the tire.
  • Engrave your bike and record the information, this makes your bike less attractive and more likely to be recovered if it is stolen.  The Bike Kitchen can engrave your bike for you.  Keep a photo of your bike so that you can claim and describe it if necessary.
  • Use a used bike.  If you are using your bike to get around campus, you won’t need all of the bells and whistles of a new bike.  Make your bike less of a target.
  • Register for secure bike parking in the North Parkade at the Bike Kitchen