Our Research

Located in Vancouver, Canada at the University of British Columbia, the Wyatt lab specializes in lethal metastatic prostate and bladder cancer genomics. We study both liquid (i.e., ctDNA) and tissue biopsies, using novel bioinformatic techniques to discover and validate new biomarkers and to better understand therapy resistance and cancer evolution. We profile correlative samples from a wide range of prospective clinical trials, and we also operate a provincial blood bank to study real-world patients. Learn more about our research here.

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Recent publications

Deep whole-genome ctDNA chronology of treatment-resistant prostate cancer

From Ph.D. students, Cameron Herberts, Matti Annala, and Joonatan Sipola, our latest paper in Nature showcases opportunities for deep whole-genome ctDNA sequencing to dissect metastatic prostate cancer clonal complexity and the emergence of treatment resistance. Read a summary here or the entire manuscript here.

Evaluating ctDNA in metastatic urothelial carcinoma

From now post-doctoral fellow, Dr. Gillian Vandekerkhove, we found that liquid biopsies are a tissue surrogate and ctDNA levels in blood are highly prognostic of patient outcomes. Read a summary here or the full Nature Communications paper here.