Dr. Wyatt is an associate professor in Urologic Sciences at the University of British Columbia, Canada. He is a senior research scientist at the Vancouver Prostate Centre and a senior scientist at BC Cancer. Dr. Wyatt has a DPhil in genetics from the University of Oxford. His research goals are to identify associations between genomic alterations and patient outcomes in metastatic prostate and bladder cancer, and to translate these findings into clinical biomarkers.
Dr. Wyatt has developed novel laboratory and computational techniques to study plasma circulating tumour DNA (ctDNA). Through application of these methods to clinical trial cohorts, his team has demonstrated that ctDNA is highly representative of metastatic lesions, and that somatic alterations detected in ctDNA can help predict prostate cancer therapy resistance or response.
Dr. Wyatt is the chair of correlative sciences and tumour biobanking for the Canadian Cancer Trial Group (CCTG) and through this role is involved in design and execution of phase I-III clinical trial protocols across Canada. Dr. Wyatt directs the ctDNA screening strategy and the molecular tumor board for the first multi-center phase 2 umbrella trial in metastatic castration-resistant prostate cancer (NCT03385655, NCT02905318).
Dr. Wyatt’s laboratory team is physically housed at the Vancouver Prostate Centre located on the VCH campus. The Vancouver Prostate Centre is part of the Department of Urologic Sciences (FoM, UBC), and part of VCHRI. Dr. Wyatt’s current laboratory team consists of 7 graduate students, 3 technicians, and 6 postdoctoral fellows, as well as several undergraduate appointments.