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Visualizing PISA Data

Qinxin Lin, Xuyan Tang, Mindy Chiang

Abstract: In our presentation, we demonstrate a way to present regression results in Shiny R. We illustrate this with the 2015 data from OECD’s Programme for International Student Assessment, exploring home factors predicting Canadian students’ performance in math, science or reading. Our Shiny R app presents results from our regression analyses, including tabs summarizing descriptive statistics, model diagnostics, and regression models tested, including various visualizations. We also present visualizations created in Tableau that present disaggregated data from the same data set in a lay-friendly manner, which is included in our PowerPoint slides.



Examining the Liquors of British Columbia

Qinxin Lin & Michelle O’Kane

Abstract:  More Info coming soon!


R Markdown Files

Visualizing the Differences between Dot Plots and Bar Charts

Sirui Wu


The real estate price in Great Vancouver has gone dramatic ups and downs during the previous few years, attracting many people’s interest on the trend of it. In this case, we first focus the data visualization example given by the Real Estate Board, give some critiques on it, and then use ggplot2 package to create a new one to fix those disadvantages. One thing that you can see from the case is that, with simply changing the format from bar chart to dot plot, we can significantly reduce the complexity of the charts, showing that with tons of data points it could be more advisable to use dot plot instead of bar chart.
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Markdown Examples Featuring Baseball Data

Michael Spagnut


Graphic Critiques & Discussions

A Case Study of an Investigative Journalism Viz Tool
Michael Spagnut & Mindy Chiang
overview_ case study

Vancouver Property Value Viz
Takara Bond & Xuyan Tang

Metro Vancouver Home Sales Viz
Rae Morris & Sirui Wu