Courses Taught in The University of British Columbia (2016-present)

Hierarchical Linear Modeling, Growth and Change

Experimental Designs and Analysis in Educational Research

Correlational Designs and Regression Analysis

Special Topic: Data Visualization

Introduction to Statistics

Self Directed Course: Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis

Courses Taught in Harvard Medical School (2014-2016)

Bringing Effective Teaching Practices to Your Classroom

Graphic Communication Using R

A Series of Seminar: Introduction to Psychometrics and Statistics

Courses Taught in University of British Columbia (2011-2013)

Generalizability Theory

Quantitative Methods

Multilevel Modeling

Introduction to Statistics

Professional Workshops Taught

Liu, Y., Volfovsky, A., & Wainer, H. (2016). Graphic Communication in Research. Professional development course at the annual conference of 2016 American Educational Research Association (AERA).

Zumbo, B. D. & Liu, Y. (2016). Application of Latent Class Analysis to Test Data. Professional development course at the annual conference of 2016 International Testing Commission (ITC).

Zumbo, B. D., Liu, Y., & Wu, A. D. (2010). Multilevel/Hierarchical Linear Modeling. Invited a 5-day short course to Population Data BC, in partnership with the Division of Continuing Studies, University of Victoria.