Statistics at a Crossroads: Challenges and Opportunities in the Data Science Era

Second Webinar: October 2nd, 2018 1- 2 pm EDT
Speakers: Jianqing Fan (Princeton University),  Michael Jordan (University of California, Berkeley), Cynthia Rudin (Duke University)

The workshop “Statistics at a Crossroads: Challenges and Opportunities in the Data Science Era” will bring together leading researchers and educators to develop a 10-20 year vision for the field of Statistics taking advantage of the unprecedented opportunities and challenges in the era of data science.  The second workshop will focus on

  •   Short presentations on foundational research in statistics in the new era
  •   Relationship between statistics and data science
  •   Community input on emerging research and educational opportunities

The ideas submitted via the online meeting will inform the discussions at a subsequent 3-day workshop. For login details to the webinar (available on the day of the webinar), as well as more information about the overall project, please go to

Quantitative Methods Society
QMS aims to bring together graduate students and faculty members with an interest in quantitative methods to build a community fostering skills and exchanging ideas. During the academic year, we organize monthly events. Please check the events here. Anyone who is interested in our topics is welcome to join us.

Collaborative International Undergraduate Workshop 2016: Quantitative Analysis of Behavior & Neurobiology  (August 1-6, 2016) 
It’s a collaborative educational project and my colleagues are from Harvard University, Stanford University, University of Edinburgh, Tokyo Institute of Technology, okinawa institute of science and technology (OIST), etc.

The objective of the workshop is to promote student collaborative learning and problem solving skills in an interdisciplinary context. The workshop includes several components, lectures on neuronal cell biology, physics, and quantitative methods, hands-on data collection, challenging labs, team problem solving and analysis sessions, and career panel discussion. I am leading the assessment team to evaluate the effectiveness of the workshop and help to improve the workshop.