2016–2017 Executive Positions

Caucus Chair: Sheila Giffen
Communications Coordinator: Sarah-Nelle Jackson
Finance: Dallas Hunt, Craig Stensrud
Department and Graduate Committee Representatives: Brendan McCormack, Maddie Reddon, Corey Smith
Policy and Planning Committee Representative: Rebecca Sheppard
Graduate Student Society (GSS) Representative: Sarah-Nelle Jackson
Association of Canadian Colleges and University Teachers of English (ACCUTE) Representative: Sharon Engbrecht
Union Representative: Dallas Hunt
Works in Progress Committee: Maddie Reddon, Craig Stensrud
Social Committee: Sara Press, Sharon Engbrecht, Katrina Sellinger, Carley Meredith, Taylor Lecours
Conference Committee: Nathan Tebokkel, Kyle Smith, Joey Takeda
Reading Room Helpers: Bronwyn Malloy, Sharon Engbrecht, Carley Meredith
License Coordinator: Kelsey Moskal
Graduate Wellbeing Representative: Lauren McGuire-Wood

General inquiries to the caucus executive can be directed to gradcaucus[at] To contact a representative directly, please consult the graduate student directory (available from the graduate secretary, Louise Soga).