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All English students enrolled in a graduate degree at UBC are automatically members of our Graduate Caucus. Executive representatives of the EGSC organize various social and academic events throughout the year for the graduate student community, collect information and resources relevant to graduates, and liaise with the English department in order to meet the students’ needs.

The EGSC has elected representatives sitting on the graduate committee, Graduate Student Society (GSS), and other organizations with a particular interest in voicing concerns of the English graduate students, both within the department and across the university. The EGSC meets monthly to discuss student issues that are specific to graduate life in the English department, and provide an open forum for students to discuss how we can target current needs.

The EGSC hosts coffee hours, social evenings, and special events for holidays. They also organize the graduate spaces in the English department, including the reading room and student lounge. Works-in-progress sessions are hosted in these spaces, during which students gather and facilitate conversations about writing and the various stresses (and triumphs) throughout the process. Two of the largest events that the EGSC facilitates are the annual book sale and the annual English Graduate Conference, Endnotes.

We invite you to learn more about our students and what they’re researching in the UBC English Graduate Program by going to the Student Profiles page.

Check out our new Virtual Bulletin for announcements from Caucus, the English Department, UBC, and the student community.

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