2020–2021 Executive Positions

Co-Chairs: Cody Brown, Rusaba Alam

Communications Coordinator: Jeanne F. Nicole Dingle

Finance Committee: Craig Stensrud, Torin McLachlan

Conference Committee: Kelsey Wilson, Leilan Wong, Amanda, Avery Qurashi (positions available)

Social Committee: Joel Dinicola, Robyn Peers, Juno Raine, Avery Qurashi (positions available)

Department Representatives: Kelsey Moskal, Kelsey Wilson*, Reed Clements, Joyce Oh

GSS Representative: Torin McLachlan

Union Representatives: Craig Stensrud

ACCUTE Representative: Sharon Engbrecht

Graduate Well-being Representatives:  Zhishu Wang (positions available)

Hiring Committee Representatives: Rusaba Alam*



General inquiries to the caucus executive can be directed to gradcaucus@gmail.com. To contact a representative directly, please consult the graduate student directory (available from the graduate secretary, Christie MacLeod).