Student Profiles

As of the 2018-19 academic year, you can find what our students are working on below.

MA Students

Alexis Danner
Twentieth Century American literature; Beat Generation literature; Scottish literature; the Harlem Renaissance; war and conflict (especially World War II); propaganda; conformity; addiction

Allen Fulghum
Early twentieth-century British literature; First World War literature, especially
poetry; masculinity and homosexuality; grief, mourning and trauma; injury and
disfigurement; the British Isles in the Late Middle Ages; queerness and kingship

Andrea Sandeen

British Romanticism; Victorian literature; mathematical philosophy in literature (with an emphasis on number theory, concepts of infinity, and non-euclidian geometry); Gothic/horror studies

Brenna Goodwin
Gothic fiction; Nineteenth Century British Literature; Horror Cinema; Intermediality; Adaption Study; Transgression; Monstrosity; Femininity; Social Anxiety and Film

C. Elizabeth Rosch
Medieval and early modern literature; Old English poetics; new medievalisms;
translation studies; cultural transmission across the pre-modern Mediterranean;
gender and sexuality; ecocriticism; wetland landscapes; anthropophagy
Twitter: @celizrosch

Christine Frim
American Modernism; intermediality; adaptation studies; narrative across media; Québécois literature; translation theory

Ed Smith
Cognitive linguistics; conceptual metaphor theory; links between embodied language, experience, memory and thought; modernism; interactive fiction; translation and culture; photography; autobiographical studies

Jessica Erickson
Victorian literature; the Gothic; horror and the supernatural; monsters;
Romanticism; gender and sexuality; madness and Victorian conceptions of psychology;
videogame criticism.

Joey Takeda
Indigenous and diasporic literature; Canadian literature; digital humanities and
media studies; continental philosophy

Karol Pasciano
Medieval and early modern theatre; ecocriticism and the environmental humanities;
embodiment and cognitive ecologies; performance studies; religion and conversion;
object oriented ontologies; manuscript studies and book history.
Twitter: @karolpasciano

Kelsey Wilson
World Literature, orality, national epics, literature in community building, translation theory, cognitive poetics

Ken Ip
Digital humanities; indigenous new media; oral traditions; archival methods; multimodality; eco-criticism; world literature; oral history

Mia Knezevic
History and theory of rhetoric, visual rhetoric, rhetoric of science and
technology, historical linguistics, Old English, dialects of present-day English,
media theory, history of the book

Miriam Helmers
Victorian Literature: Charles Dickens; English language (history and structure)

Robert Crandell
Irish literature; contemporary Canadian literature; post-colonial literature;
modernist poetry; classical philosophy, problems of national identity and

Roisin Boyle
Post-45 American fiction; postmodernism; rhetoric of health and medicine; empathy studies; humour studies

Scott Russell
Medieval English, Irish, and Norse literature; ecocriticism; speculative realism;
(bio)semiotics; madness / insanity and critical theories thereof; Monster theory;
medievalism, particularly early modern Arthuriana; contemporary genre fiction:
horror, (dark) fantasy, and the New Weird; videogame criticism; Dungeons &

Shalini Nanayakkara
British Romanticism; Fantasy literature; Ecocriticism; Monster Theory; Videogame Theory; Posthumanism; Pre-Socratic Theory

Skylet Yu
Corpus linguistics; language change; English varieties; Canadianisms; bilingualism; English language testing and assessment; English as a second language; language education

Taylor Tomko
Fin de siècle; neo-Victorianism; performance theory; performance labour; literary celebrity and scandal; exhibition studies; nineteenth century entertainment and print culture; occultism; mesmerism and rhetorics of influence; speech act theory; media consumption; nostalgia, commodified nostalgia; Disney; theme park studies; kinetic narrative

Thomas McCullough
Queer theory; performance studies; camp aesthetics
Instagram/Twitter: @t0mperez

Yun-Ting (Gina) Hsu
Postcolonial Theory; Critical Race Studies; Black Diaspora; Asian Canadian and Asian American literature

PhD Students

Alexa Manuel
Indigenous literatures spanning from 19th to 21st centuries – most notably Syilx (Okanagan) Literature; Indigenous theory and methodologies; Indigenous feminisms; gender theory

Anna E. MacDonald
Victorian Literature; Nineteenth-Century Transatatlantic Literature; Medical
Humanities; History of Medicine; Female Slave Narratives; Rhetoric, Gender and
Sexuality; Material Feminism; Embodiment; Bodily Fluids

Bronwyn Malloy
Indie/Alternative song lyrics; contemporary poetry and poetics; Canadian
literature; narratology
Twitter: @bronwynmalloy

Deena Dinat
African Studies; Postapartheid South African Literature; Nation and Nationalism
Studies; World Literature; Postcolonial Theory; Critical Race Studies; Subaltern
Studies; Capitalism and the Postcolony; Photography; Urban Studies

Dylan Bateman
Hello! I’m interested primarily in environmental humanities and in thinking about
the ways that humans interact with the other-than-human world. I am considering such
issues through studying Indigenous literature of the Americas alongside a motley
crew of other texts that deal with flooding, climate destabilization, and other
reflections on our current climate trends. I’m also interested in stories that
re-frame and challenge the Human/Nature divide, presenting a kinship model in its

Kelsey Moskal
Medieval literature, especially romances and Arthurian narratives; manuscript
studies; paleography; codicology; textual transmission; reading and writing
communities; book history
Twitter: @kelseymoskal

Maddie Reddon
Global avant-garde and modernist literatures; postcolonialism; Indigenous and
Black studies; psychoanalysis; and memorial practices

Nathan TeBokkel
Transatlantic romanticism (1756-1861); agriculture; axiology and postaxiology;
poetics; working-class poetry; plant theory; plant science; food law; food

Rebecca Sheppard
Victorian literature; science and technology studies; theories of mind; mesmerism;
nineteenth-century theories of crime & criminals; affect theory

Richard Angelo Bergen
Late medieval and early modern literature; allegory and allegorical interpretation; representations of Death; dream visions and pilgrimage literature; genre theory; spatial theory and criticism; cosmology and astrology; medievalism in metal concept albums; Milton, Spenser, and Bunyan

Sarah-Nelle Jackson
Medieval literature and historical writing; premodern memory; environmental agency;
inhospitable landscapes; ecocriticism; property theory; queer theory
Twitter: @queerdievalist

Sharon Engbrecht
Post-1945 Canadian and British Literature; gender and sexuality studies; cultural studies (material feminism); embodiment and intercorporeality; the pornographic gaze; dystopia, satire, and irony; feminist/queer/intersectional narratology; gift and indebtedness cultures; romance and women’s writing; Margaret Atwood
Twitter: @s_engbrecht

Sheila Giffen
Postcolonial studies; queer theory; critical race studies; psychoanalysis;
colonial medicine; transnational AIDS narratives

Tomoharu Hirota
English historical linguistics (with a focus on morphosyntactic change and variation in Late Modern English); corpus linguistics; (variationist) sociolinguistics; grammaticalization