Student Profiles

As of the 2017-18 academic year, you can find what our students are working on below.

MA Students

Allen Fulghum
Early twentieth-century British literature; First World War literature, especially
poetry; masculinity and homosexuality; grief, mourning and trauma; injury and
disfigurement; the British Isles in the Late Middle Ages; queerness and kingship

Alyssa Sy de Jesus
Affect Theory; Gender and Sexuality; Eighteenth-century Literature and Theatre;
Romanticism; Chinese Commodities in the British Long Eighteenth-Century; Asian Diaspora
Twitter: @al_sdj

Andrea Sandeen
British Gothic literature; ecocriticsim; romanticism; the supernatural and horror
in literature; Victorian studies; gender and sexuality; expressions of temporality

C. Elizabeth Rosch
Medieval and early modern literature; Old English poetics; new medievalisms;
translation studies; cultural transmission across the pre-modern Mediterranean;
gender and sexuality; ecocriticism; wetland landscapes; anthropophagy
Twitter: @celizrosch

Jessica Erickson
Victorian literature; the Gothic; horror and the supernatural; monsters;
Romanticism; gender and sexuality; madness and Victorian conceptions of psychology;
videogame criticism.

Joey Takeda
Indigenous and diasporic literature; Canadian literature; digital humanities and
media studies; continental philosophy

Karol Pasciano
Medieval and early modern theatre; ecocriticism and the environmental humanities;
embodiment and cognitive ecologies; performance studies; religion and conversion;
object oriented ontologies; manuscript studies and book history.
Twitter: @karolpasciano

Kyle Smith
Medieval literature and language arts, Old English, Middle English, medieval
Latin, manuscript/textual studies, history of the book, poetics, translation
studies, posthumanism, critical animal studies, ecocriticism

Lauren Cross
contemporary fiction and drama; modernist literature; postcolonial theory; borders
and migration; ecocriticism

Lauren McGuire-Wood
Contemporary Canadian literatures; post-colonial and Indigenous literatures;
disaster narratives (especially from the 2011 Japanese tsunami); ecocriticism; risk
theory; Transpacific futurities; food ways
Twitter: @mcguirewood

Max Wainwright
Cultural and media studies; sound studies; popular culture and music; postmodern
theory; gender studies

Mia Knezevic
History and theory of rhetoric, visual rhetoric, rhetoric of science and
technology, historical linguistics, Old English, dialects of present-day English,
media theory, history of the book

Miriam Helmers
Victorian Literature: Charles Dickens; English language (history and

Psyfun Mustary
South Asian literature, Indo-Caribbean literature, nineteenth and early twentieth
century American poetry, transatlantic romanticism, Bengali modernism, postmodern
fiction, Eastern philosophy, theories of mind, affect theory, geocriticism and
cultural geography

Robert Crandell
Irish literature, Contemporary Canadian literature, Post-Colonial literature,
Modernist poetry, Classical Philosophy, problems of national identity and

Scott Russell
Medieval English, Irish, and Norse literature; ecocriticism; speculative realism;
(bio)semiotics; madness / insanity and critical theories thereof; Monster theory;
medievalism, particularly early modern Arthuriana; contemporary genre fiction:
horror, (dark) fantasy, and the New Weird; videogame criticism; Dungeons &

Shannon Payne
Victorian Literature; The History of Science; Monsters; Contemporary Science
Fiction; Gender and Sexuality; Science and Technology Studies

Taylor Lecours
Early Modern Drama; Book and Print culture, Early Modern conversion and
metamorphosis; stage properties from London stage; Victorian literature; Victorian
adaptations/stage performances of Shakespeare

Taylor Tomko
Non-dramatic entertainment mediums; the Carnivalesque; Western occultism; animal
studies; early modern drama; late 19th/early 20th century
Twitter: @taylorktomko

Thomas McCullough
Queer theory; gender and sexuality; cultural studies; performance studies;
architecture and literature; geography; media studies; contemporary North American
literatures; film and television; theatre and drama; affect theory
Instagram/Twitter: @t0mperez

Tiffany Humble
Victorian literature and culture; Romanticism; the Gothic; affect theory;
aesthetics; ecology; animal studies

Yun-Ting Hsu
Postcolonial Theory, Critical Race Studies, Diaspora, Gender and Sexuality,
Transpacific Studies, Asian Canadian and Asian American literature, Indigenous and
African American literature, Radical Imagination

PhD Students

Alexa Manuel
Indigenous Syilx (Okanagan) Literature, Indigenous theory, gender studies

Alexandra Petryszak
Early modern drama, theatre and performance cultures, spectatorship, history of
emotions, affective contagions and communities, history of health and medicine,
gender and sexuality, economic criticism

Anna E. MacDonald
Victorian Literature, Nineteenth-Century Transatatlantic Literature, Medical
Humanities, History of Medicine, Female Slave Narratives, Rhetoric, Gender and
Sexuality, Material Feminism, Embodiment, Bodily Fluids

Benjamin Hertwig
Post-9/11 Conflict Studies, Contemporary Canadian Poetry and Fiction. Trauma
Studies. Canadian/American War Writing.
Twitter: @benjaminhertwig |

Bronwyn Malloy
Indie/Alternative song lyrics; Contemporary poetry and poetics, Canadian
literature, narratology
Twitter: @bronwynmalloy

Deena Dinat
African Studies, Postapartheid South African Literature, Nation and Nationalism
Studies, World Literature, Postcolonial Theory, Critical Race Studies, Subaltern
Studies, Capitalism and the Postcolony, Photography, Urban Studies

Dylan Bateman
Hello! I’m interested primarily in environmental humanities and in thinking about
the ways that humans interact with the other-than-human world. I am considering such
issues through studying Indigenous literature of the Americas alongside a motley
crew of other texts that deal with flooding, climate destabilization, and other
reflections on our current climate trends. I’m also interested in stories that
re-frame and challenge the Human/Nature divide, presenting a kinship model in its

Janey Dodd
Post-1945 American poetry and poetics, Poets Theater, site-specific performance,
spatial theory, affect, memory, improvisation

Kelsey Moskal
Medieval literature, especially romances and Arthurian narratives; manuscript
studies; paleography; codicology; textual transmission; reading and writing
communities; book history
Twitter: @kelseymoskal

Lora Zosia Moon
British modernism; literature and science studies; speculative fiction; popular
science writing

Maddie Reddon
Global avant-garde and modernist literatures; postcolonialism; Indigenous and
Black studies; psychoanalysis; and memorial practices.

Nathan TeBokkel
Transatlantic romanticism (1756-1861), agriculture, axiology and postaxiology,
poetics, working-class poetry, plant theory, plant science, food law, food

Rebecca Sheppard
Victorian literature; science and technology studies; theories of mind; mesmerism;
nineteenth-century theories of crime & criminals; affect theory

Richard Angelo Bergen
Late medieval and early modern Literature; Allegory and allegorical
interpretation; Dream visions and pilgrimage literature; Genre theory; Spatial
theory and criticism; Cosmology and astrology; Milton, Spenser, and Bunyan

Sara Press
Postcolonial Theory, Biocolonialism, Bioprospecting/Patent Law, Contemporary World
Literature, Rhetoric of Health and Medicine, Critical Race Studies

Sarah-Nelle Jackson
Medieval literature and historical writing; premodern memory; environmental agency;
inhospitable landscapes; ecocriticism; property theory; queer theory
Twitter: @queerdievalist

Sharon Engbrecht
Post-1945 Canadian and British Literature; gender and sexuality studies; cultural
studies (material feminism); embodiment and intercorporeality; the pornographic
gaze; dystopia, satire, and irony; feminist narratology; gift and indebtedness
cultures; Margaret Atwood

Sheila Giffen
Postcolonial studies, queer theory, critical race studies, psychoanalysis,
colonial medicine, transnational AIDS narratives

Stephanie Lu
20th-century American literature, utopian/dystopian fiction, critical race