Student Profiles

As of the 2016-17 academic year, you can find what our students are working on below.

MA Students

Alyssa Sy de Jesus: 18th-century theatre and protofeminism; visual rhetoric and discourse; gendered desire; affect theory; postcolonial theory; Asian diaspora

Carley Meredith: Early modern literature; female authorship; feminist theory; paratext in early print

Dalton Polyvas: Victorian Literature, History of Medicine, Science and Technology Studies, Affect Theory

Hilary Ball: Late 19th/early 20th-century American and British literature; science and technology studies

Joey Takeda: Indigenous and diasporic literature; Canadian literature; theory (new materialism, affect theory); science and technology studies; digital humanities

Katrina Sellinger: Canadian literature, Caribbean diasporic literature, code-switching, language and community, queer theory, feminist criticism, Dionne Brand

Kyle Smith: Medieval literature; textual studies; manuscript studies; history of the book

Lauren Cross: Indigenous literatures, postcolonial theory, transnationalism and diaspora, migration and border studies, literature from Spain and Latin America

Lauren McGuire-Wood: Canadian literature, Indigenous and postcolonial literature, rhetoric (especially of public memorials), ecocriticism, spatial theory, prisons/carceral systems, pedagogical theories

Lian Furlong: Contemporary Canadian and American literature; visual poetics; digital humanities; book history

Mary Maillard: 19th-century African American literature and culture; microhistory; epistolary culture; courtship and marriage in the antebellum South; documentary editing

Michael Streit: Post-1945 American fiction: DeLilllo, Pynchon, Roth, McCarthy; semiotics; post-structuralism and deconstruction; media theory; game theory and “play”; intersections of literature and music

Rusaba Alam: Asian Canadian and Indigenous literatures, transnational feminisms, women in/and Islam

Skylet Yu: historical English pragmatics, corpus linguistics, language change, varieties of English, Canadianisms

Taryn Mahoney: Comics, Gender Studies, Visual Rhetoric, Print Culture

Taylor Lecours: Medieval and early modern literature; book history and print culture; manuscript studies; medieval drama; London theatre

Tiffany Humble: Victorian literature and culture; Romanticism; Gothic fiction; affect theory; memory; aesthetics; cognitive cultural studies

Virginia Alley Hamilton: 19th-century American Literature; Southern Gothic; theories of the short story

PhD Students

Benjamin Hertwig: Post-911 war literature, Canadian and American; trauma theory; history of Canadian war writing and propaganda; creative writing: poetry, fiction, personal journalism

Bronwyn Malloy: Indie/alternative song lyrics; contemporary poetry and poetics; Canadian literature; narratology

Craig Stensrud: 19th-century American literature; theories of irony; Romantic aesthetic theory; Herman Melville

Deena Dinat: Postcolonial, world, and transnational literatures; contemporary African and African diasporic literature; nation and nationalism; critical race theory; urban space narratives; critical theory

Dorota Lockyer: Language and emotion; evaluative morphology; corpus linguistics; translation studies; media linguistics; English and Slavic languages

Dustin Grue: Corpus-based studies of contemporary political and literary criticism; Reported Speech; digital humanities; Theory of Mind; computational / experimental linguistics; experimental literary pedagogy; educational technologies

Eve Preus: Early Modern Theatre; Shakespeare; Phenomenology; Metaphor Theory; Poetics

Janey Dodd: Post-war North American experimental poetry and poetics; performance; Poets Theater

Jonathan Newell: Weird fiction; horror; science fiction; aesthetics; affect theory; metaphysics; speculative realism and new materialism

Justin O’Hearn: Victorian pornography; censorship; book history; science and technology; gender

Kelsey Moskal: Medieval literature; manuscript studies; textual transmission; scribal production; reading communities

Lora Zosia Moon: British modernism; literature and science studies; speculative fiction; popular science writing

Maddie Reddon: global modernisms; indigenous literatures; postcolonialism; psychoanalysis; Indigenous and Black studies; memorial practices

Nathan TeBokkel: Agriculture; poetics; plant theory; aesthetics; bioethics; genetics; Romanticism

Rebecca Sheppard: Victorian literature; science and technology studies; theories of mind; mesmerism; nineteenth-century theories of crime & criminals; affect theory

Sara Press: Environmental postcolonialism; cosmopolitanism; affect theory; spatial theory; posthumanism; modernism; Indigenous and diasporic literature

Sarah-Nelle Jackson: Medieval literature and historical writing; premodern memory; environmental agency; inhospitable landscapes; ecocriticism; property theory; queer theory

Serina Patterson: Medieval literature; manuscript studies; book history; textual transmission; premodern games; game studies; digital humanities; interface design

Sharon Engbrecht: Contemporary Anglophonic Dystopian Literature (British, American, Canadian) and economies of love; Gift and Indebtedness cultures; Margaret Atwood

Sheila Giffen: Postcolonial studies, queer theory, critical race studies, psychoanalysis, colonial medicine, transnational AIDS narratives

Stephanie Lu: 20th-century American literature, utopian/dystopian fiction; affect studies

Szu Shen: Critical Indigenous studies; Asian diaspora studies; settler colonial studies; postcolonial ecocriticism; transpacific and Pacific studies; and cultural and literary afterlives of uranium

Tomoharu Hirota: English historical linguistics (with a focus on grammatical change in Late Modern English); corpus linguistics; usage-based theory; grammaticalization