I blog about educational development, facilitation, and teaching. 

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I call this blog the “staPhDemic,” a word I use to describe being a staff person with an academic background (ie PhD) who enjoys academic pursuits (educational development, teaching, research, writing). 

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Documenting the impact of educational leadership in faculty member careers

For just under a year, I have been involved in a collaborative project concerning educational leadership (EL) in faculty member careers. This initiative involves (1) clarifying what EL is in the context of faculty member careers and (2) helping faculty members articulate the evidence and impact of their EL activities.The people with whom I am […]

The Ladder of Accountability

I was recently introduced to the Ladder of Accountability and think it could be a useful group facilitation tool. As the name implies, the Ladder of Accountability can be used to assess the level of accountability in a group. It can help teams examine an issue that they are dealing with and make some intentional […]

Course Design Intensive: Evaluation

As do several other teaching and learning centres, ours offers a Course Design Intensive (CDI). During this 3-day course, participants make progress on the design or redesign a course for post-secondary students. Since 2015, I have been leading a program evaluation of our CDI. The process and methodology have been messy and inconsistent…and have taught me a […]

Group facilitation

In this post, I reflect on a 3-day course titled “Effective Group Facilitation” which I took last month and that was facilitated by Julian Griggs of Dovetail Consulting (see note 1). In some cases, my reflections will encompass aspects of the course which spanned the three days; in other cases, I will write about a single […]


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