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As of March 2018, I have discontinued this blog and am blogging on website. 


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Don’t end with Q&A when giving a presentation

I recently had the pleasure of presenting on the topic of peer review of teaching at the “Valuing Teaching” series organized by Simon Fraser University. As I planned for that presentation, I recalled a tip I read in Steal the Show by author Michael Port. In that book, Port suggests that one should not close a […]

Building rapport with your students

Building rapport with your students: help them understand their role as active civil participants in the classroom Much has been written about how faculty members can create rapport with their students.  I suspect most of us have had the experience of teaching a class, posing a question and/or seeking a reaction, and getting minimal-to-no response (even after […]

“I don’t read my student evaluations of teaching”

At a recent meeting about the evaluation of teaching, a faculty member bravely disclosed: “I don’t read my student evaluations of teaching”. I held my breath as I gauged the reaction of the other committee members, all of whom were in positions of authority/power in their department, faculties, or schools when it came to the […]

Everyday leadership: How podcasts have contributed to my career transition

Everyday leadership: How podcasts have contributed to my career transition My career interests have expanded and shifted over the past ~2 years and it has taken me until now to start becoming public about this. Writing this post is a small act of courage: I am claiming and making known my in-transition and growing professional […]


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