Educational Development

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This page of my portfolio briefly describes some of my more recent educational developer (ED) responsibilities and activities at the UBC Centre for Teaching, Learning and Technology.

Centre for Teaching, Learning and Technology

Within CTLT, I am a member of the Teaching and Learning Professional Development team. Collectively, members of that team design and offer a wide range of services, programs and resources to help foster professional growth in teaching.

The CTLT initiatives I am most deeply involved with are:

Formative Peer Review of Teaching Initiatives (CTLT)

WhatCTLT Formative Peer Review of Teaching Program (PRT) provides opportunities for people to build skills as peer reviewers, explore alternative peer review processes, discuss challenges, share resources, and learn from each others’ expertise and ideas.
My role: Lead, design, and advance formative peer review of teaching initiatives to support members of the UBC community in their professional growth.

Specifically, I:
– Manage and promote the CTLT formative peer review of teaching program
– Work with individuals, departments, and programs interested in implementing PRT
– Lead workshops to help participants develop skills as peer reviewers of teaching
– Build online resources relevant to the peer review of teaching

I have been involved with CTLT’s PRT program since 2008.

Facilitation (CTLT)

As part of my educational development work, I facilitate workshops and processes relevant to enhancing teaching and learning in higher education. I have facilitated workshops on a variety of topics, including, but not limited to: peer review of teaching, learning-centered syllabus, and course goals and learning objectives. For a list of workshops and processes I have facilitated while working as an educational developer at UBC, see here.

Consultations (CTLT)

I regularly conduct confidential one-on-one work with instructors who are seeking to grow in their role as teachers. The range of issues we work through varies and it sometimes begins with a peer review of teaching.

Course Design Intensive (CTLT)

I am a core member of the planning and facilitation team for the Course Design Intensive (CDI), a 3-day workshop for instructors seeking to design or re-design a course.

Educational Leadership (CTLT)

Together with Drs. Simon Bates and Simon Albon (and other members of the UBC community), we are developing resources and build an understanding of “What is educational leadership?” in faculty careers. We wish to help faculty member document measures of impact for career progression purposes. See here.

Teaching Portfolios (CTLT)

I provide consultations to faculty members on their teaching portfolios and update the Teaching Portfolio section of the CTLT website.

Student Peer-to-Peer Feedback (CTLT)

My interest in this topic is growing  because of my recent involvement in two course design/re-design initiatives that involved student peer assessment. At present, I am working to build capacity on campus about this approach by connecting people who do this work.


BC-Teaching and Learning Network

(June 2015-December 2017)

I was the chair and  the past chair of the BC Teaching and Learning Network (BC-TLN), a community of individuals that worked to support teaching and learning in post secondary environments in British Columbia.  Formerly “Universities, Colleges, Institutes Professional Development” (UCIPD), the BC-TLN comprised approximately 70 educational developers from across the province, including the Yukon.  For a news piece on the BC-TLN, see here.

As part of my role, I was part of the program organizing committee for the Festival of Learning, a four-day celebration of learning and teaching in higher education in British Columbia.


Note 1: I began my work as an educational developer in 2003, with the Centre for Teaching and Academic Growth (now CTLT).  For a brief description of initiatives I was involved with at CTLT between 2003-2013, see here.

Note 2: From 2013-2015, I had the pleasure of working at the Office of Educational Support and Development in the Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences. Please see here for details of my work during that time period.

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