Program overview


  • The goal of the MEED program is to provide hands-on learning in ecology and evolution to local K-12 students through modules (experiential classroom learning activities) developed by trained UBC Faculty of Science graduate students.
  • Program participants attend workshops on outreach and science communication, meet with local teachers, and ultimately create their own module for educators to use.
  • Our program specifically targets ecology and evolution education due to the importance of these disciplines to understanding current problems such as the loss of biodiversity with climate change, the spread of invasive species, the vulnerability of species at risk and species range shifts.

Planned Workshops

Workshop #1 – Program overview and techniques in communication. Discuss Projected Learning Outcomes. – October 29th at 5:30 – 7:30pm in Biodiversity room 224

Workshop #2 – Meet a Scientist – Meet a Teacher: Teachers will go on a guided tour of the Beaty Biodiveristy Museum as well as a lab tour in BioSciences. Teachers and participants will attend a luncheon where they will meet and discuss module ideas. Participants will have a clearer idea of a module after this meeting. November 27th at 10:00am – 3:00pm

Module Development – Participants will work on their own to write the module. They will also start to think of needed materials. November – January

Workshop #3 – Professional Development and Peer Review: Participants will review modules to give feedback. Next, we will discuss the importance of outreach to careers in science. January – February

Presentation – Participants and teachers set up a time to present the module to the classroom.




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