Discover and Create with UBC Science Research: Professional Development Day at the Beaty! (Nov. 22nd)

Our professional development day for teachers is now open! Please register using the following EventBrite Link.

 When: November 22nd. 10:00-1:30, Audience: K-12 teachers, FREE

Description: In this three-hour workshop you will Discover the educational resources offered by Beaty Biodiversity Museum and tour research facilities at UBC. You will see where and how ecology and evolution research is conducted and also Create a partnership with a UBC graduate student to brainstorm ideas for a hands-on learning module. The module will introduce a research topic of interest to the graduate student and incorporate your classroom needs. Your graduate student partner will be a participant in a workshop series on science outreach and will develop the module throughout the winter. The module will reach your classroom as early as this spring!This program will require continued connection to your UBC Science student partner for module development and presentation in your classroom this spring.

Participants will:

  • Gain information about how to use the Beaty Biodiversity Museum and affiliates in your classroom learning
  • Visit laboratory and research facilities at UBC to see what equipment and processes are used to understand the natural world
  • Connect with UBC Science students to learn about their research
  • Create a partnership with a UBC Science student to bring current ecology and evolution research into your classroom

Note: Bring a pen or pencil and notebook to plan activities. Lunch will be provided, but please bring a reusable cup or sealable water bottle. Doors will open at 9:30 a.m.

See poster for more information: ScienceWorkshop&OpenHouse2013


  • The goal of the MEED program is to provide hands-on learning in ecology and evolution to local K-12 students through modules (experiential classroom learning activities) developed by trained UBC Faculty of Science graduate students.
  • Program participants attend workshops on outreach and science communication, meet with local teachers, and ultimately create their own module for educators to use.
  • Our program specifically targets ecology and evolution education due to the importance of these disciplines to understanding current problems such as the loss of biodiversity with climate change, the spread of invasive species, the vulnerability of species at risk and species range shifts.

MEED’s 3 objectives:

1. Improve science communication by researchers through educational strategies (Workshop #1)
2. Foster partnerships between UBC researchers and the K-12 community (Workshop #2)
3. Provide education and motivation on outreach for researchers (Workshop #3)

See Program overview for more details

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