Past Modules


Adaptation in Threespine Stickleback by  Stephanie Blain (2018)

Trophic Cascades and Human Impact by Joanna van Bommel and Erin Tattersall (2018)

Invasive Plant Assessment by Katie McMahen (2018)

Rainforest (PowerPoint) by Alys Granados (2014)

Competition by Andrew Cook (2014)

Out the backdoor_insect biodiversity by Catherine Hoffman (2014)

Microarthropods & habitats by Kaylee Byers (2014)

Plants Pollinators (Worksheet, PowerPoint) by Megan Bontrager (2014)

Needs of living things by Adrienne Contasti (2014)


Dendrochronology by Kelsey Copes-Gerbitz (2017)

Dendrochronology – Counting rings on tree cookies by Meagan Grabowski (2014)


Evolution of Cancer by MaryLou Vallejo (2014)

Soil Science

Soil Profile Module by Catch Catomeris (2017)