Cedar processing and weaving

What I learned about myself today: I really like working with my hands to do fine detailed book.

Today, the other girls and I worked with Don to process cedar bark to weave cedar braids. I love working with the knife to strive towards long smooth strokes, deep but not too deep, finding the balance between putting down enough pressure but not so much that you’ll split the inner bark prematurely, finding that perfect angle. I liked being really cautious to the fine detailed work of cutting off the last bit of outer bark. I also enjoy weaving the cedars strips into braids. So overall, I loved all the work (more fun than work) we did with our hands today.

So as I’ve thinking about possible future careers lately,  I’m applying what I’m learning about what I like and don’t like to think about what I’d like my future career to involve. I do enjoy talking to people but I’d like my job to involve at least some procedures.  I definitely like to take an active role rather than just watch.

Don complimented my patience working with the knife and said that I would do well tanning hides. I’ve never tanned hides before but I would love to try! Maybe next week.

This morning, we hiked up to and around Hicks Lake. We ate different varieties of wild berries and Don taught about us about plants that can used medicinally or eaten.

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