Week 3

Hey all,

I have a massive draft of a post I want to make about the negative misconceptions people have about sororities and how wrong I learned that they are as I went through Formal Recruitment. I have a lot to say now that I saw firsthand how sweet and down-to-earth the girls who conducted all my interviews were! I want to devote time refining that draft so that that post will be meaningful. So hang tight, I’ll return to writing it after I finish some Calculus! For a sneak peek of what I want to say, check out Naoadays’s blog post on Why You shouldn’t date a Sorority Girl  (This is such a misleading title but why she makes this title so will make sense when you read it.)

Other things that happened during Week 3

  • The first part of my training at the Canadian Institute for the Blind. I’m learning techniques to become a better sighted guide! This summer, I served as a sighted guide briefly and that experience had so much impact on me that I want to volunteer more and so I’m getting myself properly training. Some of the scenerios we covered included flights of stairs, washrooms, and restaurants.
  • REX Orientation. REX is a program that is part of UBC Undergraduate Research Opportunities, which I am now a member of! That reminds me… I need to work on my application!
  • Clubs Day! Lots and lots of clubs. I plan to go to a meeting for one of the clubs I signed up for tomorrow.

Other stuff but now I’m tired and need to get back to work.

until next time!

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