Testing Colour Tracking for TaSTE

Colour tracking testing showing studio with coloured teeshirts, KiCASS tracking system, and CHIMIRA colour tracking system.

Closeup of CHIMIRA dealing with occlusion and changing locations.

Example of skeletal confusion: bodies “steal” or exchange skeletons in performance. We hope to overcome this problem by using coordinated colour tracking.


TaSTE performances from WinterBang! Festival

…to travel the distance of a changing feeling…

Music/code: Brian Topp; Choreography: Emmalena Fredriksson; Dancer: Sarah Wasik; Flute: Emily Richardson; Concept/production; Bob Pritchard.


The Spaces In Between

Music/code: Michael Ducharme; Choreography: Emmalena Fredriksson; Dancer: Danielle Lee; Bass Clarinet: Carlos Savall Guardiola; Concept/production; Bob Pritchard.


Pulling it all together

We’ve finally refined the systems (hardware, software, e-textiles, wireless connections) to the point where the system is dependable in performance. Shout out to the Engineering students over the past three years that have helped us get to this point, through their work in the Engineering capstone projects:

Isaac Cheng, Russil Glover, Kelsey Hawley, Kevin Hui, Michael Sargent
Dominique Low
, Theresa Mammarella
, Geoff Shaw
, Emmett Tan
, Justin Wang
Carol Fu, Jin Han, Esther Mutinda, Lily Shao


Sarah’s Etude

Dance, Sarah Wasik; music, Brian Topp; flute, Emily Richardson;choreography, Emmalena Fredriksson.