Cheap Loops!

Post premiere of Pritchard’s “Cheap Loops”, for four dancers, Max/MSP, and TASTE project Colour Tracking software. Emma Tomasky, Ian Lavery(developer), Samantha Krystal, Bob Pritchard, Hanna Van Inwegen, Emmalena Fredriksson (choreographer), and Kayla Price.


Seshen/Bernt — Oslo work

Some of the workshopping from the Vancouver residency. Seshen and Bernt are premiering their work in Oslo, Dec. 12.

A short excerpt of what I was working on for a week in Vancouver with Seshen and Bob Pritchard – come around for our performance at Kulturhuset next Thursday (12th of December)! Link to event in comments – its free and starts at 19.00 o clock!

Posted by Bernt Isak Wærstad on Tuesday, December 3, 2019