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Philosophical Ownership & Open Collaboration

Occasionally, I get inquiries if it is possible to create or modify a page on the UBC Wiki so it is only editable or viewable by an invited group of people. The UBC Wiki is an open platform with no … Continue reading

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Consolidating the Crops: Revisiting the Main space

The UBC Wiki, as originally described, serves multiple purposes: It is a course repository: The wiki provides a collaborative space for faculty and students to create and share course related content. It is a documentation repository: The wiki provides a … Continue reading

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Wayfinding on the Wiki

Wayfinding, as Wikipedia succinctly summarizes it, refers to the user experience of orientation and choosing a path within the built environment and to the set of architectural and/or design elements that aid in that orientation. While signage is an important … Continue reading

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The Course: Conundrum

The UBC Wiki is organized into a couple of different namespaces. Two of the major ones are the root space (found at wiki.ubc.ca) and the Course space (wiki.ubc.ca/Course). The purpose of these spaces is to help organize the wiki by … Continue reading

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