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Philosophical Ownership & Open Collaboration

Occasionally, I get inquiries if it is possible to create or modify a page on the UBC Wiki so it is only editable or viewable by an invited group of people. The UBC Wiki is an open platform with no … Continue reading

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Wiki Seeding

In an earlier post, I listed some lessons that helped the Davis Wiki become widely used. One of these lessons that stood out is the idea that wikis need content to breed content. The founders of the Davis Wiki created … Continue reading

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Wiki Drop-In Support Sessions

Have questions on wiki mark-up, organizing your content, embedding media, or any other topic? I’ll be offering drop-in support sessions for the UBC Wiki. In my mind, these will be sessions where I am able to give one on-one help … Continue reading

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UBC Wiki Support Group Created

The UBC Blogs platform has gone social; it is now supporting groups, forums, and activity tracking. On the new platform, a group for UBC Wiki Support has been created. In addition to the wiki itself, the support group is a … Continue reading

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Using the UBC Wiki as a Content Management System

The new UBC eLearning site recently went live and part of its content is being managed in the UBC Wiki. For example, the source of the eLearning toolkit page is this UBC Wiki page. The Wiki Append WordPress plug-in allows … Continue reading

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Intro to the UBC Wiki Screencast

Here’s a screencast giving a quick tour of the UBC Wiki: This is the first screencast that I’ve made so it’s a bit rough and I’ll be editing and tweaking it over the next few days. The final video should … Continue reading

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